Based on a not so true life story…



Bolu’s story:

It was one of those days when Dad came home late. He rarely had time for Mum and my siblings. Mum hardly complained about anything. But that night, she stayed up till 2a.m, waiting for Dad to come home. I remember that night vividly.

Immediately Dad entered the house, Mom went to hug him and gently said, “Yemi, where have you been? The children have refused to sleep. What’s going on?”
As he opened his mouth to reply, the stench of alcohol made Mom stagger.
“You’ve been drinking. And I know you’ve been sleeping around too. I found condoms in your car last night.” Still, she didn’t shout. “I’ve been silent for too long, there’s a limit to what I can take.”

“Watch your tongue, you filthy woman! You bore me three useless children, three girls! What good would that do me? A boy is what I need, and I sure would get it.”

A rage began to grow in me, I was too angry to think.
Mom did not flinch, she didn’t cry but the force she used in raising her hand to slap him was unbelievable.

Dad went out of control and beat her to a pulp. She tugged, kicked and yelled. He then ripped her clothes and began to rape her. Amidst tears and unheard screams, Mom was abused. She laid there, helpless. So was I. This went on for over 30 minutes and I couldn’t bear watching anymore. Baby and Titi were asleep. It was time.

I silently crawled into Dad’s room and ran my fingers around his shiny black gun. I knew it would be useful. My legs were aching, but I had to endure. I pushed myself back to the living room, forced myself to stand, aimed the gun at his head, tightly shut my eyes and pulled the trigger.

“You animal!” It was a pleasure watching him die.
I fell back and threw the gun at him. Mom looked at me with alarmed eyes, “What have you done?” No one would find out who killed him. After all, how strong can a cripple be?

Love Gone Sour:

It was my wedding day, the day I always imagined. The day I had fantasized about since I met Olise. As Dad walked me down the aisle, I reminisced on how I met him and how he proposed to me in the presence of my entire family. We were together for almost five years and that day was to mark the beginning of our endless journey.

In my flowing white dress, I walked up to him. He looked so handsome. As he raised my veil off my face, tears pooled in his eyes.
“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”
It felt so good saying that. I could not wait to get out of there and run off with Olise to our finely planned honeymoon.

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
Tears streamed down his face. Tears of joy, I thought. The priest repeated himself, no reply still.
“Olise, isi gini?” What’s wrong?
“I can’t do this Amber, m ike ilu di na nwunye i” I…I cannot marry you.
My mouth fell open. Our guests began to murmur.
“I don’t love you in that kind of way, I can’t love you the way I should. I’m not made to.”
“Nke a bu egwuregwu?” Is this a joke?
He pointed to a pew at the back of the church.
“I love that man, I’m sorry.”
With that, he dashed out of the church, out of our wedding and out of my life with his lover right behind him.

Apparently, he was in love with his driver. I still cannot comprehend why this is happening to me. How do I explain to the entire world that my husband-to-be is an homosexual? HOW? I’m losing my sanity, this is too much for me to handle.

I’m Amber, the woman whose heart was shattered to very many pieces on the day that was to be her happiest.


Sexual abuse, betrayal, hurt and heartbreak are few of the many experiences women go through in this present century. These days, the people who hurt us are the ones we least expect, the ones we are not afraid to love unconditionally, the persons we are always ready to give to immeasurably. Women love, hoping to be loved in return but most times, get broken in the process.
I speak for the ones who are hurt, the ones who are weak and have given up, the bitter ones, the ones who have decided to be stronger, to hold on, the ones who cannot speak but deserve to be spoken for.

Adebola Ade-Aduwo
Twitter & IG: adebola_x
Student & Writer.


Gods of Olympus E02

“Roll Call”

The gallant Hermes is seen standing at a great golden door that leads to huge round table, dressed with a silvery robe & winged All stars snickers. He held his golden scroll, a phoenix feather quill and a lens on his left eye, cleared his throat as he’s about to proceed.


“The god of the sea is present”
With a voice sounding like waves on an ocean, By his side, two naked naiads accompany him as he walks to his seat.

“Pfft…. Show off……….


She raises her hands up to signify her presence; she was on the phone talking.

“Ares?” Hermes announced with shaky voice
Ares is already seated, cleaning his bazooka, looks up and gives Hermes a mean look, continues his cleaning and inspection. Always the brute, carrying his weapons around and always in battle attire, well obviously he’s the god of war.

“Well, you could say somet…….”

Hermes didn’t even finish his sentence; he was dogding from a projectile. Ares took a shot at him with his bazooka.

“You missed, Ass-wipe” Hermes dusts off the smoke stains off his robe.


The beautiful Athena walks into the hall with her Owl on her shoulders, she is a beautiful maiden, but had this tom-boyish look. Despite that, her beauty is close to that of Aphrodite. She bows to Hermes before taking her seat.


He’s seen drunk and staggering into the great hall.

“I’m hear Hermes, I come bearing gifts, music and wine” He gobbles down a bottle of vodka while playing his electonic guitar.

“I really dunno why we need you, you drunk ass-wipe”

Giving Hermes the middle finger as he sits and passes the bottle of vodka to Ares.

“Let’s get on with this……….Artemis? Aphrodite? Hestia?”

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, she’s already seated with her bow in front of her, a young woman who has no interest in looking beautiful, she had “virgin” written all over her face.

Aphrodite, the most beautiful of the Olympians, her beauty shone with much radiance. She’s seen applying some blush and admiring herself using her tablet as a mirror.
“By the way, My husband Hephaestus can’t be present with us today, he’s busy playing crazy scientist in his work shop, I’ll represent him today”

Hestia looks is also seated looking unconcerned about the gathering, she hated it though, the oldest amongst the Olympians. She was always quiet; she just sits there without saying a word, creepy old woman

“Helios? Apollo?”

Immediately a horse neigh is heard from a distance, a fiery chariot drawn by fiery horses’ approaches, it was Helios. Racing as fast as he could, he jumped off his chariot and landed on a seat close to Aphrodite.

“Can you tone that light a bit, Geez?” As she puts on a Ray-ban shade.
“Helios’ hair was pure fire and he shone like the sun, well, he was actually the sun.

“Well that’s all for now, Hades will join us via Skype”

Hermes flies over to a big screen and turns it on. Immediately, Hades is seen having sex with some women, while laughing, whipping and torturing some souls.

“Hades? Oh Hades?”

He looks up, and everyone’s eyes are on him….. Including hestia.

“Oh my bad, sorry about that”. He kicks the souls & women away and wears a robe.

“ Where’s my little brother and his wife with fallen breats?”

“Errr.. Do you realize she’s your sister too? Hermes answered

Zeus is seen arguing with Hera as he walks into the hall
“I’ve told you many times, I don’t have any mortal concubines again, I’ve dropped that life baby, please trust me” He stretches to kiss Hera
“Don’t touch me, you man whore” She pushes and slaps him on his arm

“I’m gonna kill ’em all” She screamed

Hermes clears his throat distracting their argument, with all the Olympians staring at them
Zeus clears his throat and sits on his huge chair with his peacock at side.

“Now let the meeting begin, I don’t have all day”

To Be Continued….. Most Def

Dante (@_Helios__). For V.O.M

Gods of Olympus

Stormy night, Lightening filled the darken skies. Heavy winds blowing everything in sight. Thunder, loud noise, roared, lightening sparks strike the distant fields.
A young child is seen running towards his house, wet and exhausted, still struggling to get home. He was sent on an errand but decided to go rock climbing, his mother will be so crossed with him. His mother is outside holding on to a pole, calling out to her son. Finally, she sights him, running towards him, grabs him and sprints into the house for shelter.

“Where were you Deimos? I was worried sick” she scolded him as they got in

“I’m sorry mother. I got carried away” taking off his chiton

“All is forgiven, my son. Come, you need a hot bathe, don’t want my strong soldier to fall sick”

“I told you mother, I want to be a poet or a philosopher” shrugs as he kicks off his tunic as he dives into a tub.

“Shhh… be quiet. Don’t let such words be repeated, don’t let such words fall on your father’s ears”
Pouring hot water in his tub and taking a bowl full and pouring it over his head

“Mother? Why the sudden storm? It was all clear before I set out”

“The gods my son, they might have had an argument, or the king of the gods is angry. That’s the only explanation I can think off”

“Zeus right? The king? He sounds like a bully”

“Shhhh… quiet! I see why you want to be a poet, you never shut up”

Both chuckled as she bathes him, she hoped her husband doesn’t walk in on them, he hated it when she bathed young Deimos. Wanted him to man up and be like him. She didn’t care, she was his bundle of joy and mischief, loved him silly.

She dried him up and covered him up with a robe. The boy walked towards the window as the storm raged on. His lightening scar starts to itch, as it always itched whenever there was a storm. Looking up to his mother, he dropped a bomb on her

“Mother, which of my father were you talking about? The one here or the one up there?
She dropped the jar of oil.

Mt Olympus, home of the gods and where the almighty Zeus rules. A huge palace located at the summit, Magnificent and beautiful beyond imagination.
In his chamber, which looks like its floating on a cloud, Zeus is seen fast asleep and snoring heavily. He’s on his pyjamas with tiny lightning bolts on them, his phone is also ringing, too deep in sleep to hear.

Hera, his wife and queen of the gods is sitting up on the bed beside him reading “Olympus Weekly”, hair all coiled up with rollers………. the phone rings.
She drops the magazine and answered the call


“Hello Hera, its Demeter”

“Hey girl! How you doing?”

“Please just hold it there, can’t you make that whore you call a husband to quit snoring? The bloody oaf’s snoring is causing a serious storm for the mortals”

Xxx To be continued xxx

This is Dante (@_Helios__) reporting for V.O.M

Yea I’m back 😀

Guilty Plesures

Like sunrise and sunset,
Illumination at the end of a tunnel.
Unexpected snow on a summer afternoon,
So much joy dominating the gloom.
Like an oasis in the middle of a desert,
Could she have felt any better?

His hazel eyes,
They lift up her soul.
One moment with him and all her fears fly,
This feeling keeps making her whole.
His calm can only be rivaled by the stillness of a lake
Being with him assuaged all pain
His smile radiates with the brightness of a thousand suns.

She wanted him fiercely
All day, her mind is filled with thoughts
Imaginations of how his sturdy hands would feel on her skin
What he could do behind closed doors
His lips, would they drive her into a frenzy?
Would she shudder in his arms?
Are his slender fingers capable of making her crazy?
Would the ecstasy throw her into a semi-sane dance?

She’s spellbound
She wants this to be special
All she craves is a never ending love,
From this perfectly created brown man.
But deep in his eyes, whenever she stares,
All she sees is a lustful desire.
He obviously doesn’t love her half as much,
His needs are right between her thighs.

Should she give it up?
Feel as glorious as Aphrodite for just a moment
Experience the inexplicable,
And yet, be left with an eternal regret?
Or should she not?
Beneath the abyss of her heart, the answer dwells.
So much gloom dominating the joy amidst her guilty pleasure.

The dilemma of a 21 year old virgin.
‘Debola Ade-Aduwo (@Adebola_x) Student & Writer. Reporting for #V.O.M

I, Gladiator

The Empire

The “Visitors from the stars” changed everything. They came to make life easier for us, agriculture, architecture, medicine….. They treated us like children. Before their departure, they left their technology behind, which doomed us all. The high & mighty had this opportunity to rise and trample the weak. Men were used for “experiments”, these experiments that changed our souls & mind. Before my time is done, I shall burn this empire to the ground

The Man and his Lost Soul

A happy man once before, I had a beautiful wife, and beautiful children. All ripped from my grasp in a flash. I had their bloodied body in my arms, I watched life drift from them, just because of my fore-fathers land.
Filled with rage, I killed 10 of the Empire’s altered “Super soldiers” including on Automaton (robot)… I caught the eyes of the Emperor, he thought I’ll make a fine gladiator for his Coliseum. I was eventually captured and altered,giving me great strength. Forced to fight and kill in the arena, my power was unknown, lurking within myself waiting to come out. I’ll nurture it, I’ll make it grow, my rage will be his undoing. He took my humanity, he ripped away my soul. I shall have my revenge in this life or next.

The End begins

The collars on my neck are deactivated. Which means it time to fight, this collar inhibits my strength, I’m fickle as a child when they’re on. Walking into the arena, my name fills the arena. I never enjoyed it, but it fuels my rage. Getting more cheers as I raise my hands. Smelling of blood & sweat, my armor makes me feel invisible. Protecting me from danger, my trusty shield, my gallant spear, the one I nicknamed heart breaker, has pierced the hearts of many. I’ve spilled blood on the arena, taken heads off the Emperor’s favorite gladiators & Generals who want to try out their new alterations with my great sword. These weapons have kept me alive.

Ten others gladiators shared the arena with me, all looking terrified at my presence, despite the fact we’re not fighting each other. Horns were sounded, the people were quiet, the devil was about to speak. Introducing his “greatest invention”, footsteps that sounded like earthquakes were heard. The gladiators behind me were shaking like terrified women. I stood my ground, guarded up my shield & armed my spear.

“Behind me you fools, we fight and live together today”

Without thinking twice, they all formed a small diamond formation behind me.

The doors opened

A fully armored giant stepped out. Armed with a club & a sword…. It gave a loud roar. Everyone in the crowd jumped up. Only two people were not afraid in that Arena. The Emperor & the Giant. Damn the gods!

Without warning, it attacked us, running at full speed towards us,covering the distance between us at the rate of knots.

“Scatter!” I yelled at top of my voice

Whoosh!! The sound of his mighty sword putting through the air as I duck and dodge its first attacks, wild swings.
“Raise those shield”

Breathing got heavier.

“Aim your spears at its legs, let’s bring this abomination down”

An organized formation, if we can pull this, we’re leaving here alive. My blood was boiling, I could see the steam come out of my body, its time to unleash my power that I’ve hidden.

The giant armed itself with a canon and shot at us. While going to the ground for cover, it hit the man by my left, passed right through him creating a hole. He turned to me, through the hole, I could see the Emperor. Sitting in the Arena, laughing & drinking. This will be his last laugh. The giant kept firing. Putting up my shield, and concealed in the smoke, I remains still till a ceasefire. Quickly getting up, I picked up pace towards it and stealthily impaled my spear into the giants right knee. His roar frightened and distracted me, hitting me with his canon, I was flying in the air. Hit the ground hard, far away from the giant. Getting myself up, I see the giant eating the last gladiator. Noticing me, he pointed the canon at me and fired.

I opened my eyes and see the canon ball in my hands. The crowd went quiet. Suddenly engulfed with fire, I wasn’t burning, this is my power. I’ll use this to cleanse the land.

“Kill that bastard” I could hear the emperor scream

The giant running towards me, I throw the canon ball at it, hitting its right knee, the monster lost its footing and came crumbling towards me. I picked up my sword and with one clean swipe I took off its head with one strike.

Exhausted, I staggered to the centre of the arena. This power I had to cleanse this land, no need for speeches, I’m taking everyone to the afterlife, I’ll give my speech there. I could see the Emperor screaming, but couldn’t hear a word.

As the Automatons came out, I was engulfed in flames again, this time stronger. Then I concentrated the flames at my centre. Before the automaton could hit…


Enough atomic energy to wipe out the whole Empire.


A white light engulfed me, opening my eyes to a beautiful gate made of gold. Seeing three godly figures. Two males, one female. They walked towards me as I lay on the ground.

“Rise great warrior, join just in Olympus”


This remains Dante (@_Helios__) reporting for V.O.M

Sad + Life

Lanre was a brilliant boy.
In fact u could say he was born brilliant.
But like every story,His had a problem.
He was from a poor family.
Where education wasn’t on the list of meaning full things to do.
He was the 3rd out of seven children.
His mother, an akara seller, was the poorest of the poor.
But she tried all she could for Lanre.
Like the genius he was,
He sailed thru WACE like it was nothing,
He had the best result in JAMB in his school.
Nd was offered admission into one of the best schools.
He sailed thru his first year in flying colors
He tried all he could to be the best student in all his courses
Life was hard in the university and he couldn’t make so many trips home.
He couldn’t even afford to live on his own.
But his love was always with his mother.
“Remember the son of whom you are.”
She’d always finish whenever he called her.
Fortunately his mother’s advice stuck to his brain.
”If you don’t fall or get a little injured on your way to the top,
Your success story won’t be worth listening to”
Was the philosophy he adopted.
And with that in mind he scaled through the university,
Through its hardships like he was in a competition and his B.Sc degree was the reward.
He was a proud son beside his mother with smiles as they took the valedictorian of the set picture.
It was finally time to get his reward for working hard at his studies
But employment seemed to evade him.
‘I’m sorry, no vacancy’ was the song the companies sang
Life became unbearable for him till one day he got a call from an oil rig he had submitted his application to.
‘You will be working in the Niger Delta region but as the manger
All you need to do is report on the job once a week
And your job is done’
It was too good to be true, but he wasn’t about to question fate when it finally offered him a sliver platter.
His mother hesitated as he said his goodbyes that day
‘I’ll be back soon mom. And then we can leave this hell hole we’ve lived in all our lives’
‘God be with you my son’. She said hugging him like she’d never again.
If only God were awake that day
He arrived at his station and got acquainted with the runnings of the rig.
‘Your starting salary will be 35000 per 2 weeks.’ the ex- manger told him
For someone who had lived in abject poverty all his life
It was like being handed a million dollars
The excitement in him hadn’t even died when he heard gunshots
‘What is happening?’
Six of them where kidnapped; just to get the president’s attention, they said.
“He took our lands and turned it impotent
“He took our rivers and made them deadly”
“And yet we have noting to show for it”
“No pipe borne water, no food.”
“We live in abject poverty and children die here everyday.”
“Yet they keep building houses upon houses and taking luxurious trips abroad”
“If the government doesn’t want your blood on their hands then our demands should me met.”
But as the nation watched on, the war between good and bad was waged.
In the end the government called their bluff,
‘We have more important things to attend to.” They said
The six bodies where hanged like chickens over the river
The people it affected protested but 2 weeks later,
all was forgotten.
The pain had been too much for Lanre’s mother.
She died on the spot.
Leaving her three children orphans.
The shining light in Lanre had been snuffed out before it had a chance to shine.
Who do we blame?
The government or the militants?

Its Dami (@dhaar_mie) … Reporting for V.O.M

Cupid’s Joke (S2 Ep8)

Being pushed out of an aircraft isn’t nice at all. It was a bumpy ride and i was sore all over. These Arab guys weren’t fooling around, looking all ruthless and mean. One of them dragged me by my chains, like I was a sacrificial lamb or something..

“Move it, p*ussy!”

“Hey, dude, easy with the merchandise”

“You’re going to die & you’re making jokes?”

“We all gotta die some day, at least, I’ll die smiling”

Next thing was a boot was in my face…Damn! That was gonna leave a mark. I closed my eyes and imagined I was a mutant or a superhero…impervious to pain, this ass kicking being handed to me was too much. He raised me up with one hand and shoved me forwards. “Keep walking!”

We got to a warehouse, with some guys putting on hazmats suits. So this WAS Chernobyl, radioactive wasteland. As we approached, I could hear a familiar voice from inside, the person was shouting and stirring up some serious racket. It was Tolah…

“Nigga, please shut up” I yelled at him as I was pushed into the cell he was in.

“Bro, you’re alive?”

“Alive and still kicking, man”

I coughed hard and blood came into my mouth. I spat it out, along with one of my molars..

“Wow, Turkey & ribs nights won’t be easy anymore”

We laughed as we sat down, asking each other several questions. I had answers which I could not give. He said they hadn’t spoken to him since he got here, he thought it was a normal kidnapping gig, that they would ask his parents for some ransom. I knew he was wrong, but I decided to keep quiet, I didn’t wanna alarm him. Then I heard another voice from another cell that sounded familiar too…

“Hello, Ralphie”


Becky who broke my heart, the same woman who left me on the altar to roam the world with Tobar, I hated her with a passion.

“We have to put the past behind us, we need to figure out why we’re here”

“Well, they’re terrorists, and they need to get something Tobar hid away”

“Need us how? I don’t understand, Ralph”

“Look, according to the CIA, Tobar is an interpol agent, he found codes to a secret nuclear warhead bunker in Chernobyl. To get the codes, they need me and Tolah because of the bracelets we’re wearing, now they’ve captured us both, they’re gonna get it”

“CIA?! Tobah?! Chernobyl?! Bracelet?!…. Bro! What the f*ck are you saying?!”

Tolah sounded confused. The next thing I knew, becky was out of her cage, walking slowly towards us. We were so shocked, we couldn’t say anything. Facing out cell, she Tazered Tolah till he was unconscious.

“Becky, what the hell are you doing?”

“Thank you for the info Ralphie, Al Hajaj is grateful”

Then the sound of electric shock and the smell of burnt skin filled the cell.

I felt so numb

Black out

To be continued

Still remain Dante (@dante_angelo) reporting for Alpha & The Angelo……


A Piece of You

A piece of me that never left
A piece of me you never took
A piece of you that always stayed
A piece of you I wish away

I live to die another day
But your aura is with me always
A piece of you that makes my night
A piece of me that keeps me warm

A piece of you that destroys me
A piece of me that saddens me
A piece of me you have with you
A piece of you that makes me laugh

A piece of us still joined together
A piece of us that lasts forever
You took a piece of me that day
The fateful day you walked away.

As always, @TheAlphaMale__ for Alpha and the Angelo


The Camera (Final Episode)

Sam was dead. He was sure of it…with a heavy heart and eyes blurry with tears, AJ exited the hospital. He didn’t want to be there when they had to tell Sharon. He couldn’t face them. How would he be able to look his sister in the eye and offer sincere condolences? HE was the one that started it all, HE activated the accursed camera…HE should have been the one on the hospital bed, hanging on to life by the most slender of threads.

There were bikes right outside the hospital gates…he walked past them, ambling aimlessly along the road. AJ had no idea of where he was going…all he wanted to do was to walk and clear his thoughts. Images of Sam came unbidden to his mind. Wave after wave of agonising sorrow washed over him. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. No more Sam and Simon – the terrific duo. People were staring at him…he realised how he must appear to them… dishevelled, unkempt and apparently clueless. Well, let them stare, what did he care anyway? It was the end, Sam was gone, he would be following the same road shortly. AJ shuddered at the thought of being trapped in the camera with Lauren. Was Sam already there? Silently screaming this very moment…a prisoner of a crazed demonic entity…a vengeful, spiteful spirit.

His mind was made up. He wanted to know how he was going to die…he HAD to look at his picture in the camera. It was time to go home.


The bloody thing was lying on his bed. Had he put it there earlier? He supposed he must have. These days, it was difficult differentiating between reality and fantasy. With not a little trepidation, AJ picked up the camera. He popped open the memory card slot and pulled out the memory card. He had a card reader, viewing the contents on his laptop SHOULD reveal it’s dark secrets, he thought.
He was disappointed. It was blank. This was puzzling. The camera had activated itself earlier in the morning and snapped him, so there was supposed to be something showing there. 
Maybe it was all over, maybe SHE was satiated…maybe all she wanted was Sam all along and she was at rest now. He refreshed the device and STILL nothing showed.

For the first time since he discovered the horrid truth about Lauren’s camera, AJ dared to hope. Excitedly, he fixed the memory card back into the camera and walked outside with it. The first person he saw was Mama Azeez. She was speaking with the Landlord. “Ah, just the person I wanted to see.” The landlord beamed enthusively. “I was just telling Mama Azeez that the rent as from next month will be up by five percent. Things are a bit hard now I know, but I have to keep the property maintained.” 
From a far corner in the compound, he heard a neighbour grumbling openly about the increment. 

“Oga landlord, good afternoon sah!” 

“Thank you, my boy. That’s a nice looking camera you have there.” 

AJ smiled at the landlord and raised the camera up. “Let me take a few shots of you sir” 
Smiling like a simpleton, Baba Salako (the landlord) posed for a couple of pictures. AJ looked in the visor. Nothing was showing there. Good. It was broken, the curse had been lifted. He practically skipped back to his room, troubles momentarily forgotten. There WAS a bright light at the end of this tunnel afterall. 


What was that sound? AJ rushed out of his room to investigate…Mama Azeez was standing at the same spot she was a couple of minutes ago. Her eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets, mouth open. She seemed to be in shock. WHAT was THAT she was looking at? It seemed to be a lump of some pinkish stuff…He looked closer and knew what it was in an instant. It was a brain…or at least part of one. AJ slumped…mercifully unconscious before he hit the ground.

They were pouring water on him to revive him. He could see their dirty feet as they moved around him. He could recognise Mama Azeez from her dirty toe nails and…OH LORD! The drying blood and grey matter on her ankle. He turned over and retched. Big mistake. He was staring at Baba Salako or what remained of him. It was easy to see what had happened. The derrick holding the big metal overhead tank had collapsed. The tank filled with water had crushed Baba Salako, killing him instantly. 

Kind hands lifted him gently and carried him to his room.
They shut the door behind them and left. AJ turned his head towards the wall to cry. Lauren was lying beside him. She was smiling, yellowing teeth filed to dagger points grinned at him. 

“How do you like my latest masterpiece? I did it just for YOUUUUUUU Andrewwwww. I have something special planned for you. Don’t you go dying on me…YET!” 
AJ was too tired to scream. He had seen too much in the past days to be horrified. He took deep, even breaths. 
She was floating a few inches off the bed now.

“Look Andrew, no balloons….heh! Ayuck! Heh! Heh! I’ll float with you today Andy…may I call you Andy? I’m sure you won’t mind…i’ll see you at 7. Wear something nice, won’t YOUUUUUU? Don’t be late for your funeral…we’ll float and we’ll scream. Actually, YOU will SCREAMMMM! I scream, you scream, we ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAMMM!!”

She was gone again. AJ looked at the wall clock. It just struck 3. He had 4 hours left to live.

He spent part of the time crying. Part of the time cursing himself. Most of the time he thought of Sam. He remembered the little tyke at his finest hour…and then at his lowest, dying alone on a lonely hospital bed. He thought about Sam’s last words…then it hit him. All of a sudden, he KNEW. 

AJ had been standing close to the water. He was at the beach. This was the place he chose for the meeting. Something Sam said to him had given him hope…HE hoped he wasn’t wrong.
Right on time, the ‘sweet mother’ song came on…in the air, all around him.
AJ looked frantically around for Lauren, then he saw her. She was tearing a hole literally in the air and was appearing. This WAS her true form…it was horrible. Shaggy hair framed a face that was putrefying and stale. In place of her eyes were sockets with maggots oozing from them. Her hands were several tentacles with little suction cups attached to them. 
“ANDREWWWW!!” She/It reached out for him.

AJ raised the camera and shouted…”Go back to hell you foul beast!” Then he took HER picture.

The scream was deafening. The smell was even worse. The camera made a sound like several chickens clucking crazily and leapt out of his hands. Lauren was being sucked into the camera! She screamed shrilly, beating at it, but it was useless. Inch by agonising inch, IT/SHE was pulled into it.
AJ realised she existed in two dimensions – in the camera as a vengeful sprite and in this plane as an undead abomination. No two things could occupy the same exact space. Bringing them together would destroy her for good. With one last despairing shriek, she was gone.
AJ picked up the now inert camera and threw it far into the water. His job was done. It was finally over.

A few kilometres away, a young boy called Sam opened his eyes on a hospital bed. He asked for his mother. The doctors who had been battling to keep him alive called it a miracle. Though he didn’t realise it, today was his 4th birthday. He looked up at them and smiled. He was already an incredibly handsome boy at his young age.



“Mummy! Mummy! Look what I found!” 
Little Sally had been playing on the beach with her recently widowed mother. She was ‘hunting for shells’
“What’s that in your hands honey? Oh. Its a camera. It looks old. It must be spoilt. Throw it away.”
Noticing the sad look on Sally’s face, her mother relented. “Okay, keep it then. You can put it in my small bag.”
Safe and dry inside the bag, a little red light on the camera blinked once…twice…three times, like an obscene wink.

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The Camera (Ep 6)

AJ woke up disoriented. His vision was blurry…where was he? He tried to get up and could not…his hands were strapped down and he was on some sort of bed. A figure loomed over him. “Oh you’re awake now? Mr…eh…whatever your name is. What were you doing in a restricted area and why were you screaming? It took 3 of my strongest male nurses to subdue you. I’m afraid we had to sedate you.” AJ raised his head up and managed to croak “water….please…water.” 
The man who spoke to him earlier introduced himself as the director of the facility. AJ knew he had to be tactful…this was a mental institution and the last thing he needed was for any of the so called ‘professionals’ to think he needed a spell here. He spun a story about being an investigative reporter and explained his screaming was due to a phone call he received a few seconds earlier. 
A severely sceptical doctor reluctantly loosened his straps and told him he was free to go as soon as it was morning. “Morning???” AJ asked. “Yes, it’s almost 1am, you’ve been out for several hours…the sedatives were in effect.” With one last look at him, the doctor left the room. He sat up and surveyed his surroundings. The room was clean but spartan. He had always hated hospitals, the smell…the people…everything. The pungent odor of ammonia mixed with the sweet, cloying smell of disinfectant wafted into his nostrils. Christ! He was going to be sick…he needed some air. AJ got up unsteadily and walked to the door. Something made him look back at the bed. There, lying on the bed, naked was Lauren. She was smiling at him, if what she had on her face could be called a smile. It was more like a grimace. Her face had a deathly white pallor and he could see deed cuts on her wrists. She held them out towards him…”come, drink…taste my blood…it’s sweet…ohhh, sweeeeeeeeet….” He clapped his hands quickly over his mouth, choking the bubbling scream before it could be born. “A Jayyyyyyyyy! Don’t you want to join us? Come and lie widddd meeee…we’re all friends here…don’t you want a lollipop? Sam will be joining us sooooonnnn!!!” AJ shook his head wildly. This couldn’t be real…she wasn’t real…no, he was dreaming. Lauren stood up and spread her arms. He could see faint reddish crescents all over her body…bite marks. Her head lolled back and now there was a wide gash across her throat as if it had been cut with a crude knife. From the gaping hole came gurgling sounds. He couldn’t help it…he bent over and vomited violently. When he looked up, she was gone. His legs were unsteady and he was about to collapse with fright. The sound of the door opening almost gave him a coronary. It was a nurse. “Are you alright sir? I heard some noises…oh! You threw up on the floor…foolish man! Who is your maid that will clean it up? Can’t you see where the toilet is?” AJ mumbled an apology, relieved someone else was in the room. Grumbling all through the time it took to clean it up, the nurse mopped the floor. He was sad to see her go. He looked at his watch, it was almost 2am. Good. It would be daylight soon, the only time he felt some degree of safety these days. He wasn’t going to sleep…no sir! What if, SHE should come back when he was sleeping? This was a mistake, he should never have come here. Her ghost obviously hung around her husband Jide.
He opened his eyes. It was morning. Despite his best efforts, he supposed he must have fallen asleep at some point. It was time to go. Sam was still in a coma, Lauren was busier and he wasn’t any closer to ending this business. 
AJ tried to think about all the scary movies he saw as a child. Most of the time, the stars of the movies usually got rid of ghosts by burning their bones and reading some sort of mumbo jumbo over their graves. Bah. That was nonsense. 
There was a lot of traffic on the road so it was late morning before he reached his room. The stupid camera sat on the table like it had every right in the world to be there. The lens looked at him like an evil eye and as he moved about, it seemed like the ‘eye’ tracked his every step. “Gotta keep it together Andrew Junior, you’re losing your mind” he said aloud to himself. 
After he showered, he hurriedly dressed up…he HAD to get to the hospital to check on Sam. Hello? Where was the camera? It wasn’t on the table anymore. Where was it? He looked everywhere but couldn’t see it. He bent down to pick up his shoes from under the bed when…FLASH! The camera was under the bed! It just took his picture! No, that was crazy, cameras didn’t walk from tables to under beds and they certainly didn’t operate themselves. He reached for it and pulled it out. He dropped it immediately. It was hot! He didn’t want to look in the visor…didn’t want to see what would be there…
His phone was ringing…”that should be sharon” he said aloud. AJ quickly picked the call…”Hello?” The voice on the other end sounded like Mercy Johnson…or at least how she would sound when she just woke up. “A Jayyyyy, don’t you like my picture? Look at eeeeeeeeeet! I did it specially for youuuuuuuuu…don’t you want to play with meeee? It’s fun in here, we’re all in the camera…let’s play together…you, me and SAMMMM! We can play and eat HIMMMM!” He ended the call rapidly. He was going insane. Yes, that was it. He WAS going to die too, that was sure…but he was damn well going to make sure she wouldn’t get her claws into Sam.
AJ looked up and did something he hadn’t done in a long while…he prayed. And prayed. When he was done, tears were streaming down his face.
As he walked down his street, he looked at people walking about…smiling…oblivious. He envied them. None of them had a killer camera, hungry for fresh blood. He envied them and then he hated them in equal measure. He wondered if today would be his last day. “Look out!” The sharp scream jolted him back to reality and he jumped back just in time. Lost in his reverie, he had strayed into the road. A big bus just missed him by whiskers. He breathed out loudly, awash with relief. AJ turned to curse the bus driver but stopped. The glass at the back was very dusty, but written clearly were the words ‘next time’ it looked as though someone traced out the letters in the dusty glass. He shuddered. He had very nearly bought the farm there.
Sam was exactly as he had seen him last. Motionless and hooked up to several strange machines. “They are for monitoring his vitals” someone said beside him. It was a nurse. He didn’t hear the door open when she came in. He looked back, the door was still shut. “Is he going to be okay?” said AJ. “Of course he’s going to be okay, we ALL are going to be okayyyyyyy” He looked closely at HER now, there was ketchup on her uniform…no, that wasn’t ketchup…it was…BLOOD! “IN THE NAME OF JESUS!” She vanished, right in front of him. AJ was about to rush outside and shout for help when a weak voice stopped him. “Uncle AJ…” It was Sam. He quickly rushed to Sam’s side. “Sam! You’re awake! Ohh thank God!” Sam was tapping his hand frantically. “Camera…take picture…lady…” His eyes closed again. Now there was a different sound from the monitors hooked up to Sam. Urgent this time. He was flatlining. NURSE! DOCTOR!!! I NEED A DOCTOR QUICKLY!!!!
Within seconds, the room was filled with people. They quickly ushered him away, not before he saw the flat line on the monitor and heard the despairing cry of the doctor. “We’re losing him! Give me the syringe….!!!!”

Watch out for the final part of this gripping tale

Writer: Marcel Shinomori (@Marcelloz007)

The Camera (Ep 05)

AJ paced worriedly around the waiting room of the hospital. His sister was sobbing quietly in a corner, her husband Jim’s arms around her. Simon, not fully grasping the severity of what was going on, busied himself with staring at the nurses as they walked by. All he knew was that Sam was ‘sick’ and was in a room somewhere with doctors. Well, they had been sick before…mummy or the doctor usually gave them medicine and it was okay. 
The sound of the door in front of them opening made them all look up. The doctor came out, a grim look on his face.
“Oh God! Don’t tell me! Where is my Sam?! Tell me he’s okay!” cried Sharon. Her husband gently hugged her and looked at the doctor. “How is my son? Is he okay now? Is he awake?” The doctor softened the look he had on. “I’m afraid I have both good news and bad news. The good news is that your son is breathing again…” Sharon jumped up and shouted “Thank God!”….”bad news is that although he’s stable, he appears to be in some sort of coma. We don’t know exactly why right now, but I want to assure you we’ll do our best to make sure we find out the reason. These things are touch and go at best…he could wake up in an hour or a week…or a month. Like I said, he’ll get our best care…NURSE! QUICKLY!!” Sharon had fainted

AJ stood outside the hospital, confused. He had told Jim and Sharon about the camera after she got a hold of herself. Of course they had pooh poohed the whole thing. Cameras didn’t harm or kill people. No amount of theories he put forth could convince them otherwise. He had gone to see Sam in the hospital room. There, hooked to several strange machines, the boy looked pale and fragile. His brow was furled as though he was pondering something. He had wanted to reach over and smoothen the wrinkles off Sam’s forehead but stopped himself. He didn’t know if he would be doing more harm than good. He didn’t know what to do, but he knew he HAD to do something…
First order was finding out who OWNED the camera, who ‘Lauren’ was. The Landlord of the house didn’t live close by and in any case, the man hadn’t been receptive when he first asked about the previous occupant(s) of his place. He would have to find out from another source…and AJ knew who he was going to ask.
‘General’ alongside Mama Azeez were the oldest tenants in the compound. Maybe they would know something.
He bought a bottle of Chelsea dry gin to give the ‘general’ that would loosen his tongue, he thought.
He was right. After a few swigs from the bottle, ‘General’ was smiling like a cat that had just eaten a fat bird. “Of course I remember them, my boy. Sad story really. Young couple like that, always smiling. What was his name again? Ah, yes! Jide. He had a beautiful wife…Linda or Lauretta or something…” AJ cut in..”Lauren?” The general brightened perceptibly “yes! Lauren. They had a little boy too, he died, sadly…Sad story really. Poor woman couldn’t take it…I heard she killed herself.” 
Here, the ‘General’ stopped long enough to swallow an obscene amount of the gin. “So what happened to Jide, the husband?” AJ asked. “Oh, they took him away…the man lost his mind. I’ve heard he’s at St Nicholas…you know, the place where all the crazies are…but why are you interested in all these macabre events? Come, drink with me, be merry. This drink reminds me of 1865…when Mungo Park discovered Ikpoba River and Mary Slessor killed some twins in Calabar. I was captain of 4th Scorpion squadron and we were…” AJ closed the door quietly behind him.
In a couple of hours, he was at St Nicholas. He already knew he wasn’t going to be allowed to speak to the so called ‘Jide’ but this was Nigeria…a few minutes and Five hundred naira later, he was standing outside Jide’s room.
He didn’t know what to expect, but his mind hadn’t prepared him for this. He thought crazy people looked…well, crazy. Jide was a neat, tidy man, perhaps an inch or so below six feet. Being indoors most of the time had given him this gray look, but his eyes seemed intelligent. Instinctively, AJ knew that he could trust this man…tell him the truth about the camera and everything. 
It took him about 15 minutes to relate his story. Jide listened to him attentively, only interrupting once to ask him about Mama Azeez.
When he finished, Jide looked up, sad smile on his face. “Young man, I am sorry that all this is happening to you, but wait, listen to me, while I tell you my story.”

“My name is Jide Afolabi. As you know, Lauren was my wife. We had just started out in life when we moved into the place you’re staying now. I was a sales rep for a Media outfit and my wife was a photographer. Yes, that was her camera. We didn’t have Joshua, our son until after 4 years of marriage and as you would expect, Lauren and I doted on the little angel. We didn’t have much, but we were happy. We thought we had it all, life was good…but disaster struck. Joshua got ill and we spent all our resources on him. The doctors tried all they could but I’m sorry to say, we lost him. That was the beginning of our woes. Lauren refused to believe he was dead. She would pray and fast for weeks, asking God to raise him like Lazarus. When that didn’t work, she became a Muslim, praying to Allah 5 times a day. I let her do all these things, thinking it was her way of dealing with grief. How I wish I paid more attention to her then…the evil one was lurking. I cannot say how or when it began, but Lauren eventually started to dabble with the occult. I would see strange books and items in our bed, surrounding a picture of Joshua showing in the camera’s visor. She finally confessed to me that she was going to resurrect Josh with them. This was too much for me, I was worried she was going mad…I didn’t know she was already too far gone by then. The next day, as she was taking her bath, I took all the things, the potions, the books, the charms…I burnt them. I smashed the camera against a wall and threw the pieces away. When she came out, she immediately knew what I had done.” Jide paused and took in a deep breath. “I thought she was going to shout. She just looked at me and spoke softly..” he stopped speaking again. AJ waited. “She said, and these are her exact words” AJ leaned forwards “you think you can keep me from him? He is alive in that camera…I am going to get the camera back. He speaks to me…he tells me we are going to be together in the camera, the three of us. Now I see you don’t want to be with us, but it is okay. I will GO TO HIMMMM!!!!” 
Jide was crying softly now…”I just laughed at her ‘foolishness’ trying to convince her that Joshua was in a better place now. When that didn’t work, I went out, as I was already late for work. That was the last time I saw her alive. She took her life that day. Of course I see her now and then, that’s why they all think I’m crazy…my son, you don’t know the kind of peril you’re in…I wish I could help you. My wife…some part of her that’s evil and twisted is in that camera. I found that out when I tried to take pictures with it. Do you know how many people have died horribly because of that camera? I tried to get rid of it, but it kept coming back. I’m sorry, you’re on your own boyo…”
This wasn’t what AJ was expecting to hear…he wasn’t any closer to finding a solution to the problem. He was about to thank Jide for his time when the soft sounds of Prince Nico Mbarga’s ‘sweet mother’ rent the air…
Jide’s already pale colour became even lighter and sickly. He looked helplessly at AJ. “She’s here. That was her favourite song” he whispered.
AJ looked up to what Jide’s eyes were staring at. There, floating above, hands held aloft by multi-colored balloons was a woman in a bloodied, tattered nightgown. No, this was a dream…he would not believe it…would not scream…should not scream…
And then it/she spoke.
And he screamed. And screamed.

To be continued.

Written by Marcel Shinomori Aoshi (@marcelloz007)

The Camera (Ep 04)

AJ pushed his fist to his mouth, strangling out the scream that was about to erupt. He stared at the camera with bulging eyes, unconsciously clutching his pillow to his midriff. What was it doing there on his table? He HAD smashed it into a million bits and scattered the pieces outside. He got up slowly and walked towards the table. It looked like the camera alright, he prodded it with his index finger and it rolled over. Sure enough, the name was under it. This was unexpected. This was a real life horror flick taking place and apparently he was the ‘star’ of the show. He had thought it was gone permanently from his life. A cold, sick feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. This was really happening…to him…his phone was ringing.
He picked the call absently as he could not take his eyes off the camera. It looked like a coiled snake…deadly, menacing, ready to strike… ” -on mid-term break, so I’m bringing them over to your place for them to stay. I’ll pick them after work.” The voice of his sister came over the phone. “Wait! No! Don’t bring them today! I’m sick! I’ve gone out! I’m busy today!” She had already ended the call. This was ill news indeed. He didn’t want the boys to be at his place, not with that…thing here. What if, God forbid they should fall under its curse too? This was no place for kids at the moment. There was no doubt about it, the camera was totally evil. It didn’t just predict a bad event that was going to happen, NO, he was sure the camera MADE them happen. All you had to do was take a picture with it. A laugh escaped him…He, AJ the sceptic, believing in the superstitious…but hadn’t he witnessed it’s work first hand? He had front row seats to the damn thing even. The camera needed to be hidden. But where? Time was running out and his room wasn’t exactly a stadium. Space was at a premium…there had to be somewhere he could hide it for a while until he figured out a way to get rid of it permanently. He hurriedly put the camera in a small bag and pushed it under his bed. It was time to bathe and get ready. They would be arriving any minute now. He had just stepped out of the shower when he heard a loud knock at his door. The kids were here. That was usually how his sister knocked. Loudly. Opening the door, he was greeted with a chorus of “Uncle AJ! Good morning!” as his nephews turned themselves to mini-missiles, launching themselves at him. Laughing gaily, he caught them and tousled their hair, his problems temporarily forgotten. Taking his sister aside, he told her quietly of the death of the Ice cream vendor, carefully omitting the details and the role (supposedly) played by the camera. 
Since their mid-term holiday was for 3 days, they were going to be with him (during the day) for the duration. Big sis had to work. 
“Who wants to learn how to play chess?” Four small hands shot up simultaneously. His sister, seeing a great chance to slip out unnoticed, exited his room smoothly. 
AJ brought out his battered and dusty chess board. He hadn’t played in a while and for the next hour or so, busied himself, teaching the boys how to play the game. They soon got bored of it and he let them use the chess pieces to play their own game. 
There was no danger here, the camera was safely under the bed…the boys were busy playing so he took the time to go outside to wash a few clothes.
It was mid-afternoon before they got tired of playing and looked up wistfully at him. He knew that look and what it signified. “Uncle AJ we want ice cream please.” It was Sam that spoke. He was always the one suggesting things. Though younger than Simon, he was the bolder of the two and often set the tone of whatever they did. He thought quickly. There was another ice cream stand a few streets away. Their ice cream wasn’t as good as the one the kids usually had, but it was passably close to it in quality. If he hurried, he could be there and back in a few minutes. Yes, he’d do that. The boys couldn’t know that their friend was no more. “Boys, i’ll be back just now, play your game a bit and i’ll be here with the ice cream in no time at all.” Taking care to lock the door behind him, AJ went out.
“Thank you uncle” Simon said, after finishing his treat. Sam’s face was almost in his own cup. He mumbled something that sounded like ‘thank you’ and regretfully put the empty cup down. The rest of the day passed without any incident of note and soon the loud knock was heard again. “I hope you boys were good little men and didn’t bother your Uncle too much?” Sam, jumping up and down said “yes mummy, we was very good!” He skipped around her and went towards her car. “Were” she called after him. “The word is ‘were’ and not ‘was'” but he was already out of earshot. “They were well behaved dear sister and I loved having them here.” AJ waved them goodbye at the car, after promising them even more ice cream treats for the next day. It was still early evening, he had been home all day and was feeling cooped up so AJ decided to take a little walk. Mama Azeez was outside, frying akara. God, did the woman not own a decent blouse? This one was threadbare and had suspicious looking stains all over it. He imagined the organisms that would be thriving there and shuddered. He joined some dirty children using an orange as a ball and played a few minutes with them before he continued his walk. He had meant to be out for about 30 minutes but ended up staying longer than he planned. It was already getting dark when AJ started back for home. He hadn’t walked up to 5 minutes before a loud car horn behind him made him turn. It was his sister. Simon was in the front seat, his head bent. “What is the matter? I hope no problem?” His sister (Sharon) prodded Simon and said “go on, talk to your uncle” but the poor lad remained silent. Sharon took matters into her own hands. “Don’t mind him o! I saw the kids playing with something at home and when I asked them what it was they kept quiet. I moved over to where they were playing and saw Simon hiding this behind him.” She reached over to the back seat and pulled out…Oh sweet Mary and Jesus…no, it couldn’t be…she brought out THE camera and handed it over to him. His legs felt like rubber and he almost collapsed on the street. “Why did you take it? When? How? Why? WHY?” He didn’t realise he was shaking Simon through the window until his sister spoke. “Andrew Junior! Stop that! It’s just a camera and in any case, it isn’t broken. They’re just kids, I’m sure the boy is sorry.” AJ hurriedly apologised and rubbed Simon’s head gently. His nephew looked up with his innocent face and big, beautiful eyes, smiling. “I’m sorry Uncle AJ, we won’t play with your camera again…don’t be angry with us, I only took a few pictures of Sam with it…” AJ yanked open the back door with a ferocity that shocked his sister. “Quick! To your house this instant! Where is Sam?” Sharon looked at him as if he were mad. “What’s come over you? What is this? Please stop it! You’re scaring the boy.” AJ’s insistent pleas for them to go back home made her turn the car around, back to her home. “Sister, please i’ll explain later, but right now, just trust me and let’s get to your place first.” 
They were less than 5 minutes away from home when her phone started ringing. She ignored the call as she was driving, but then her other phone began to ring. Only her husband and AJ had that number. It had to be Jim, her husband. She parked by the roadside and took the call. It lasted only a few seconds, but her face was ashen when the call ended. “What is it?” AJ asked fearfully. He already knew, though he prayed he was wrong. “Oh my baby, oh my baby” she sobbed. “That was Jim on the phone. He found Sam lying still on the floor not breathing…”

To be continued

Writer still remains Marcel (@Marcelloz007)

The Camera (Ep 03)

AJ was confused. This was not the same picture he had taken in the morning…this was…something else entirely. What did it all mean? He had looked at the photo preview on the tiny screen of the camera in the morning, Aminu had been smiling there and THAT truck was several metres away at that point. He looked at the camera again, suddenly afraid and wary…the scenes from the night before came to his mind. Forcing himself to snap out of the mood he was getting into, he absently waved down a taxi and got in. 
“Oga, oya come down. We don reach!” The annoying nasal twang of the driver’s voice woke him up. He had been dozing at the back of the cab. AJ looked up with sleepy eyes and saw that they had indeed gotten to his junction. He paid the driver and turned round to see a lot of people gathered on his street. He could recognise some of them. Mama Azeez, the neighbourhood gossip was there, her ample ‘chest’ straining against a blouse that was once black but now looked like a washed out grey fabric. ‘General’ too was outside, marching up and down with his bushy moustache and clean-shaven balding head. He was a retired army private who delighted in telling anyone that cared to hear about how he defeated Hitler and Saddam Hussein all by himself. AJ moved closer to the crowd forming a loose circle around something on the floor. Carefully pushing his way through the throng, he got to the front and looked down. What he saw made him cringe and shudder involuntarily. Aminu was lying on the floor, limbs twisted in an unnatural position with his head split open…brain matter splattered all over. The corpse looked obscene on the floor…like a grotesque mannequin that had been smeared with garish rust-brown paint. “W-what happened? Why, who, WHAT HAPPENED!” he screamed. “It was a truck o! One big red truck that came out of nowhere and hit him as he stood by the road a few minutes ago.” Mama Azeez volunteered. She continued talking but AJ had stopped listening. His head was reeling, trying to piece it all together. He thought about bringing out the picture to show people and didn’t know he spoke aloud. “I saw a red truck this mornin-” then stopped when he saw people looking funnily at him. AJ decided not to say anything and moved away from the front. A solitary tear rolled down his right cheek. Aminu was his friend…he didn’t deserve this, nobody did. What was going on really? What was with the camera? He put his hand to feel it through the fabric of his bag and quickly removed it. It was hot! Something about the abrupt way he removed his hand made General to look sharply at him. He would have to be careful not to give anything away. The last thing he needed was for any other person to discover the existence of the damning photo. His shock at seeing the picture of the truck about to hit Aminu had made him forget to look at the other 2 pictures he took with THE camera earlier on in the morning. He thought about his nephews, how they were going to be sad when their friend Aminu was no more. No more lollies, ice cream scoops or friendly smiles whenever they came over again. With all that was happening, his house should be the last place for the boys anyway. General finally noticed his leaking eyes and stopped looking suspiciously at AJ. His face softened and he spoke “I’m sorry my boy, I know you people were friends. It is God’s will. The Lord giveth and taketh…who are we to question the time and manner we lose our loved ones?” AJ couldn’t help it. He put his hands over his face and sobbed like a baby. Glances of sympathy came his way, people reaching out to comfort him. He gently waved them away and wiped his streaming face. The police had arrived. They were going to take away the body. It was with a heavy heart that AJ trudged towards his house (room).
Once inside, he brought out the envelope, willing the pictures inside to be normal. No such luck. The first one on top was the photo he had seen in the studio…the next showed Aminu under the front tires of the truck, blood already leaking out of it. In the last one, Aminu was exactly as he had been when AJ saw him lying broken and bloody on the street. His hands were shaking like thin reeds and he reached for his phone. After the call, AJ sat down heavily on his bed, stunned. The girl at the studio said she didn’t see anything wrong with the pictures…that they all showed a man smiling for the camera. He had asked her if she saw a truck and she answered in the negative. This was serious…he was the only person that saw the truck. There was one last test for him to carry out. With his heart in his mouth, he took the last picture outside to show Mama Azeez. The fat woman took one look at it and said “Ehya, see how he dey smile for here. Kai! God go punish the truck driver o!” AJ had his answer…he WAS the only person that could see what was REALLY in the photo. Him and maybe his nephew…things were going from bad to worse. Inside his room, he looked at the camera again, mortally afraid of the thing…wishing he had never set his eyes on it. This was an evil camera…the embodiment of corruption and decay…he had to get rid of it! With a sudden cry, AJ picked up the camera and smashed it against the wall. It shattered into several pieces. Not satisfied, he used a hammer to break up the larger pieces and threw them as far away from his room as possible. There. It was done. The events of the day robbed him of any form of appetite and he went to bed early. It was a troubled sleep. He tossed and turned all night and woke up around 6:30am. The morning rays were coming through a gap in his curtain…falling on the table. AJ got up to close the tiny space, eyes not fully opened…then they opened up. Wide. Wider than they had ever opened in his entire life. There, lying on the table, looking as though nothing had happened to it, was THE camera…

To be continued

By Marcel (@marcelloz007)


“Dj Jimmy Yo Ye, you’re babe is on the line”

My sis calling out to me, taking off my headphones, deep down I know this is gonna be another long & aimless call. It was her, the one who thinks I’m her soul-mate. Which I didn’t believe (I didn’t have liver to tell her though). I didn’t take her serious, I knew she loved me, despite us being young. I didn’t know if I loved her back, I didn’t know what I felt. All I know I wanted to be a “badoo” like my cousins, who don’t take women serious. Didn’t work out well

Its was the age of Starcomms & free calls, we would usually talk to each other for hours, about everything and anything. But these days, it was getting boring (a stage in every relationship). But we were young kids, what did we know about love?

“Shey you’ll marry me?”

“Why will you say something like that? In short, Good Night”

Best ways of ending the long boring calls. Marry Ke? I’ve not even lost my virginity & she’s talking about marriage, one has no time for that. She wasn’t ready, she was scared because her fifteen year old neighbor got pregnant, so sex was out of it. Although our hormones were doing must of thinking, she held on strong. Life has a way of screwing us up, when you begin to appreciate something, that’s when you begin to lose it

“I love him, you people should shut up” I heard her talking to her friend.

Was walking to her house that cool afternoon, it just rained and everywhere was cold, needed to kiss & hold someone, this is referred to as “Konji”
She was crying as she was talking to her two best friends, who were telling her I was good for nothing and only gonna break her heart.

“I saw him talking to mary, that girl with big breast, he was another girlfriend” one of her friends spilled out…

In my defense, those breast were big, I was only distracted. She just walked out on them. Had to hide so they won’t see me as they left.
It had me thinking, why should I treat her bad? She loves me, all I can do is reciprocate that.
Knocked on her door, she came out and jumped on me like we haven’t seen in years, despite us seeing the previous night. Then she told me something that changed my life forever.

“Seems I’m not your soul mate, but Promise me you’ll find yours”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It seems you don’t love me, but at least pretend you do, I have this feeling I don’t have much time”

Till date, Ron Pope’s A drop in the Ocean kills me every time I listen to it (I still listen to it), because it reminds me of her.

I didn’t understand what it meant, it pissed me off a bit, decided to free her so I won’t cause more damage.
For a month, I ignored her calls, couldn’t say it to her face because I was scared. Then she stopped calling, I was heartbroken because I thought she has given up on me, It hurt.

Had some faith, and on this present date(02/11), some years ago, I decided I was going to her house to beg and have her back. I missed her & wanted her back. On getting to her house, it was empty, no one insight. Seems they traveled, I can come back.
On my way out, I bumped into a woman who had a shop opposite the house.

“Eya, pele my pikin, you came to tell them sorry”

“Sorry Ma, what are you talking about?”

“Ah, Tami is dead now, she died in the hospital four days ago, she was seriously sick for like a month. They buried the day after, and her family parked out that night”

That moment, the world went silence, I just stopped, reality just seemed not to exist anymore. I didn’t know how I got home, i cried my eyes out bitterly. She’s gone, just like that, without a goodbye, nothing, I won’t see her ever again.

I don’t know where her grave is, I don’t remember what she looks like, I don’t even have a picture of her (I misplaced it actually), but her memory and what she taught me about life, I still hold it dear to my heart. I can’t forget her. I’m forever glad she changed my life.

I always wondered if she was still alive…..


Today is All Souls Day, pray for a departed love one today

Written by Dante (@dante_angelo)

Cupid’s Joke (S02 E07)

“Ralph! Ralph!! Wake up”

Slowly opening my eyes to blinding bright light, I could feel the sun’s warmth on my skin. The scent of flowers carried along the gentle breeze, wafted into my nostrils. I got up slowly, feeling pains all over, like I was hit by a train. Looking around, I could see I was in a meadow…with daisies & sunflowers all around me. What was I doing here? Where IS here? The last I remembered, I was………………….. Alexis!

I cleaned my glasses and put them on; Was I dead? I asked myself. Was this heaven? I didn’t survive the explosion? Where was Alexis? All I could see was a meadow filled with flowers, no humans in sight….. If THIS was a dream, I’d better wake up.
(But it feels so real)
Just when I was about to resign myself to my fate (being dead), I sighted a white scarf been carried by the wind. Below it was a swing, right there, with a woman all dressed in white, sitting on it.


The woman called out to me, and I started running towards her. Moving across the meadow wasn’t easy, flowers were everywhere. As I got closer, Alexis’ face became clearer. It WAS her! We’ve both died and we’re in heaven I thought…
Then suddenly, she jumped off the swing and started running

“The hell are you going to?” I yelled at her

“Catch me Ralph, Save me”

She kept running, like an olympic sprinter. She was fast. I couldn’t catch up, I never was a sporty person, so I got tired in no time.

“Don’t give up, catch me, save me”

“Well you could stop running, it will be easier for both of us”

Where the hell was she running to? If this was heaven, its all messed up, I thought to myself. Well, not totally…..
I could smell the ocean, and saw Alexis was running towards a cliff.

“Alexis! Please stop….”

“Save me” she yelled back as she kept running, without slowing down.

“Muscle cramp!!!” I yelled as I went down to the ground.

“You Big Fat Liar”

Oh sh*t, faking an injury didn’t work….

“Damn you, Alexis”

I had to pick myself up and keep running.
Then she stopped right at the edge of the cliff, turned back as she watched me get closer.

“Don’t give up, save me, I love you”

Then she dropped off the cliff, I screamed her name so loud, my vocal cords probably ruptured. Without thinking, I dived off the cliff too, as a professional sky diver, I aligned my body straight to get enough speed to catch her. It was a huge cliff. Just before impact, I grabbed her, then we hit the water

Opening my eyes, I felt cold water all over my body. It was a bit dark, with a few dim lights. Where was I now?

“Wakey Wakey Mr Ralph”

It was a man’s voice with an Arab accent and it smell here was terrible. Definitely, I was in Hell.

Raising my face up, the huge guy was standing in front of me, had a terrible odor and some missing teeth, I looked deep into his eye, he had one eye though, then an eye patch covering the other.

“Nice eye patch, Captain Barbosa”

“Hmmmm…Funny guy”

Then hit me with his rifle, I’d seen this in the movies, but Holy Crap! It hurt like hell!! Took time for the stars to go away.

“Where’s Alexis? What have you done to her?”

“The barbie is over there, now not a word from you till
we land”

Looking over at Alexis’ lifeless body all chained up, I realized I was in chains too. We were on a plane. There were other men scattered on the plane, most of them sleeping.
They caught us! But how? I remembered the explosion, but how we were kidnapped?, not a clue.

I was calling out to her, just hoping to see her move, then my attention got drawn by a voice, it came over the speaker, some dude with a Russian accent who identified himself as the pilot.

“Take your Seats, Fasten your Seat-belts. Brothers, Welcome to Chernobyl”

To Be Continued

Written by Dante (@dante_angelo)

The Camera (Ep 02)

His fingers found the rechargeable lamp and hurriedly turned it on. Trembling hands pointed the piercing beam towards the door. He could see the top bolt undone and the bottom one start to move…then it stopped. With one last eerie hiss, the sounds stopped as abruptly as they had begun. AJ had never been this frightened in his life. With legs that felt like rubber, he moved slowly towards the door…ready to flee at the slightest sound. Nothing. He bolted the door and moved away from it, as though it were the plague. Who, no, WHAT was trying to get in moments earlier? Why did the picture appear to change when he held it? A million thoughts ran through his mind as he wondered if he was ever going to sleep again. The Photo was still lying on the floor, where he had thrown it. Gingerly, AJ picked it up. There was nothing wrong with it now, the door was as it should be…firmly locked. The camera! Where was it? There! It lay innocently on top of a pile of books. He took it up and studied it carefully. Nothing spectacular. It WAS an expensive camera, no doubt, but nothing out of the ordinary for a seasoned photographer like himself. He was about to put it down when something caught his eye. There were some scratches at the bottom…no, not scratches, there was some form of lettering there. Squinting to make out what was written, he spelled out the letters L-A-U-R-E-N. Who was Lauren? Was she the owner of the camera? Where was she? He had no idea if the previous occupant of his room was male or female, the landlord had evaded the question of who the former tenant was when he had asked. AJ was still mulling over all these questions running around his head when sleep mercifully took him. 
He didn’t wake up until around 8am the next day. He was pleased find out that he slept fitfully. Now, surrounded by bright light, the events of last night seemed hazy, like a half-dream upon distant shores. “Bah!” he said aloud to himself. “It is probably nothing. My mind just played silly tricks on me, that’s all.” Humming happily, he showered and got ready to go out. He had a mini contract he was supposed to deliver on. A client had asked for pictures to be used in making a children’s book. The pay was poor but he loved the job. AJ whistled a catchy tune as he locked his door. It was going to be a good day. On the street, he saw his ‘friend’ the Ice cream man. “When are you going to take my picture bros AJ?” This was a regular opening line in any of their conversations. Today, AJ was going to fulfil his wish. He took out his regular camera and made to snap off a few quick shots. It was out of juice. He could have sworn the battery was fully charged yesterday. No matter. Lauren’s (he had decided she was the owner) camera was in his bag. Click! Click!! Click!!! AJ rattled off quick shots and looked at the images in the visor. It was as it should be. They showed Aminu (the ice cream vendor) smiling in front of his shop. A red truck was far in the background at the end of the street, loaded with granite. “Alright Aminu, i’ll print these at the studio today and give them to you when I get back, okay?” Aminu nodded happily and went back to his wares. AJ flagged down a bike and went on his way. He wondered why his own normally reliable camera had an unexpected power loss. Maybe the inbuilt rechargeable batteries were bad. When he got down from the bike, he brought it out. Hello, what was this? It showed that the battery was at the 95% mark. So why did it show the ‘battery drained’ message earlier? He shrugged and went about his business for the day. Later on, AJ stopped by the studio he normally printed his pictures and gave both memory cards to the lady behind the counter. He had a crush on her. Well, on her boobs…but he supposed that didn’t matter. In a few minutes, she was done and she handed him 2 envelopes containing both sets of pictures. AJ went through the day’s work. They were nice…the client would be pleased. He opened the other envelope, the one with Aminu. This morning, Aminu had been smiling widely, his gap-toothed grin that the kids all loved illuminating his face…the opened mouth and rounded face making him look comical. Aminu’s mouth was still open in the picture alright, but this time not in jest. His mouth was wide open, eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets. He seemed frozen in a silent scream…the red truck at the end of the street this morning now just a couple of feet behind him…bearing down like a runaway train…the red paint bearing an uncanny resemblance to blood…drying blood…

To be continued…

And its Marcel (@marcelloz007) …..

Cupid’s Joke (S02 Ep06)

Walking into the Taylor’s mansion in Paris brought back old memories, the parties we had when we came three summers ago, those French girls that crowded the mansion, the curious Americans and British girls who were drawn by Tolah’s money and lifestyle. It all felt good though, those times…. But there’s no time, Tolah and Becky are in danger. I had a lead; the bracelet, I remember me and Tolah accidentally opening a vault in the Library, which all contained Tobah’s stuff. If Tobah was hiding anything, which he thought I would know about, it had to be here….. I guess.
Finally got into the library, left alone to go into the mansion, I couldn’t just stop thinking why Tobar drop this responsibility on me, it was just too big. The vault was behind the “African Authors and Poets” section. As I remembered, we pushed a Chinua Achebe book, while trying to bring it back to its normal position, the shelf split in two, then a scanner scanned through our hands and the vault door opened. I was drunk that day, its funny I still remembered. I did everything as I remembered, moved the book, shelf split in two, got scanned, vault opens.
“Alexis, your boo just nailed it”
“Sorry, my what?”
“Oops, Sorry I forgot you’re a two-time back-stabbing secret agent and I’m just your target”
“Don’t start Ralph, we’re on our way”
The team was going through the vault, but for two hours, they found nothing. Deep in though, I wondered where Pierre was, he’s the house keeper, in charge of monitoring the mansion, he lived there and was surprised I got In freely. I walked away from the library, into Pierre’s quarters; the room had this cold feeling, like something died there. And I couldn’t just be wrong; I found Pierre’s dead body on his chair, shot in the head. I ran out of the room, screaming Alexis name as I ran towards the library. Every other agent was outside the vault, had that scared look on their face.
“Where’s Alexis?”
They pointed into the vault; I walked slowly and peeped in, only to find Alexis standing, motionless, terrified.
“Ralph, they have been here, the codes are not here, they put a bomb here, I held it, if I let it go, it’s gonna go off, I’m gonna die”
I just couldn’t help walking slowing into the vault, she was yelling at me to get back, but I couldn’t just stop. I held her hands, she started crying, she was gonna die, she couldn’t hold back the tears, she was terrified.
The bomb looked funny, it looked like a box, had that beeping noise, just like in the movies.
“If I move too much, its still gonna blow”
Bloody Motion sensors…. Suddenly I had a crazy idea. A crazy idea I saw in the movies. It could work or I could kill alexis. Damn!
“Alexis, you have to trust me, I have a plan”
One of the agents yelled at me that the bomb squad was on their way. I just ignored him, there’s no time for that, the beeping sound got louder and faster. This bomb was about to go off.
“Ralph, If I die, I just want to let you know I love you, I really do love you, you’re a great guy”
“Awwww! Can u keep calm now lemme think?”
The table she was on had tires under it, slowly we moved out of the library, with the other agents following behind. Heading into the kitchen, I got behind the huge freezer and took out the Nitrogen pipe, placed it on the bomb while covering her hand with a thick cloth, looking at her eyes, she looked like an abandoned puppy.
“Do you trust me, Alexis?”
“Ralph, you know I………
Before she could end her statement, I held her and kissed her, she kissed me back passionately. Without warning, i grabbed her, took her hand off the bomb and we jumped under a table…

…..Dante (@dante_angelo) reporting for Alpha & The Angelo

The Camera

“Uncle AJ! Uncle AJ! Who is this woman at the door? I don’t like her.” Andrew (Andrew Junior or AJ to close family) bent down to see what his little nephew was pointing at. He was babysitting his nephews for the day as his sister and her husband were both going to be busy with work. AJ was an amateur photographer (or so he liked to think, his friends and family didn’t think that was a job). “What’s that little man?” he asked Sam, the younger of his 2 nephews. “Where is Simon?” Here, readers can rightly deduce that Simon would be the older of the kids. Sam was pointing at a corner of the picture he had just developed. It was a picture of his room. He moved into his new place (room) a week ago and was still chuffed about it. His old landlord had kicked him out of his former place, telling him the room was needed for something else. Being on a shoestring budget, it took him almost a month to find alternative arrangements. He found this place just when he was about to give up and move back in with his folks. He was the black sheep of the family. His father was constantly on his back, telling him to get a ‘real’ job and make something of himself. AJ had studied engineering mostly to please his parents…he hated the course. The price had been much less than he anticipated and he almost snapped off the agent’s hand when he was told how much he would have to pay as rent. The camera too, was an unexpected bonus…he found it lying at the bottom of a dusty shelf in a corner of the room. Much to his surprise, it still worked, so he had amused himself by taking shots of the room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Sam’s voice interrupted his reverie “I don’t like this woman at the door uncle AJ, she’s scary” Sam’s finger was pointing at the back door of his room. The landlord had told him the door was always locked, that it was originally built as a sort of emergency exit or fire escape but the key had been missing for a few years. It was one of those old, heavy doors, built (in his reckoning) to withstand a minor earthquake. “What woman? It’s just a door there lil’ buddy” he said to Sam. “Come on, let’s go outside and get your brother…who wants ice cream?” Simon’s voice floated in through the window “me! I want ice cream!” Laughing, they all hurried to the end of his street, where an ice cream shop was nicely positioned. He didn’t mind watching the kids for his sister, he was fond of both boys as they were of him…they thought the world of ‘Uncle AJ’ and his photographs always held a magical form of amusement for them. Of course, the regular ice cream treats weren’t to be sneered at too, so it was perfect for the kids. In the evening, his sister came to pick them and after solemn handshakes, AJ promised to come and visit the next weekend. The pictures were lying on the bed and he picked them up to arrange them in the box he usually kept his ‘work’ when they were developed and dried. In his hurry, he almost missed it. Hullo, what was this? The handle of the back door seemed to be bent, as if someone was trying to open it from the outside…or was closing it. It was angled and HE could see it clearly in the picture. The back of the house, where the door opened to was covered with a thick, tangled mess of weeds. He didn’t think anybody would be walking through THAT, let alone trying to open a door that was always locked. He looked up, the door was still firmly shut. In the fast approaching darkness, the door seemed bigger than it actually was. He looked at the picture again and he would later on swear that he saw the handle move even more, almost angling towards opening point. AJ flung the picture away and rushed to the door. The handle was static. HE was being silly he thought. When he picked up the picture again, the handle was as it should be, in the locked position. “Well, there you go, my mind is playing crazy tricks on me.” Putting the box away, he sat down to read a book before he would turn in for the night. Instant darkness enveloped his room. “PHCN” he cursed. There was a rechargeable lantern at the side of his bed and he groped for it in the dark. There! What was that sound? It sounded like metal scraping against metal…they needed oiling. It seemed to be coming from the back door. He moved towards the door and he heard the sound again. The handle was turning! “Who’s there!” he shouted. The handle stopped. Silence. Then a scratching sound and a low, blood curdling moan came from behind the door. The handle was turning again, this time faster. He looked up, the door was still bolted. Good. Let the handle ‘turn’ all it liked. Someone was probably playing a silly trick on him. He was going to open the front door stealthily to go around and catch the prankster in the act when the scraping sound started again. THAT was not the handle turning…that was something else! He was suddenly sick. He knew what that sound was now, hadn’t he heard it several times growing up? The bolts to his dad’s store had rusted and made those sounds whenever they were opened. The bolts of his door WERE moving. With an urgency born of primeval fear and unspeakable fright, he groped for the rechargeable lantern in the dark. He KNEW he had to put on the light. There WAS something out there trying to get in. Instinctively, he knew if it got in, IT was going to eat him, suck out all the marrow from his bones and discard the empty husk that was once human. He HAD to find the lantern. THUD! The first bolt was open. Now the lower one started to move…

Till next time

And its Marcel (@Marcelloz007) reporting for Alpha & The Angelo

Cupid’s Joke (S02 Ep05)

The insides of the van wasn’t so warm, I couldn’t look at alexis, she was too busy talking with the other guys she didn’t even look at me or notice I ignored the coffee offered by one of the agents. I felt betrayed, it was all a lie. Feeling I got someone I’d finally call my own, turned out I was just a “target”, which made me start doubting the originality of us, if we met by coincidence or this was all meant to happen. Well, I didn’t have to be an Einstein to figure that out anymore. The van stopped and I was ordered to get out, Alexis didn’t ask if I was ok, she just kept looking at me with that cold stare she had before she killed those Arab guys (which I found pretty cool though), but still, she could as well try to explain.

It was a hanger, the engine of the plane was already running, it was a huge cargo plane, the CIA logo boldly drawn on the doors. I was walked into the plane and strapped in and handed ear muffs, the doors closed and within seconds the plane started moving. I hated flying, so I closed my eyes and started humming my favorite Drake song hoping to pass time,
“Ralph! Ralph! are you sleeping?”,
“Nah, I’m skpying with Morpheus, god of sleep & dreams, he says Hi”,
Yea it was Alexis, this was the time for me to form shakara.
“Do you hate me?, I don’t have to explain anything”,
“You’re doing your job, forget about us now, just tell me why Tolah was abducted & why I’m in danger”,
“Ok… Tolah’s brother was an Interpol spy, he came across key codes to a secret bunker in Chernobyl, they contain weapon grade uranium”,
“Wait!, Tobar is a spy?”,
“Was a spy, died a month ago, well that’s what we think, with his last broadcast with us, the car he was in got blown up”,
“Oh my God”,
“To make matters worse, they have his girlfriend”,
She shows me a picture of a woman, it was Becky. This was all messed up, too much to process at once.
“So what do they want with me and Tolah? Who are the “they”?”,
“They are an Arab Terrorist group, “Al hajaj”, they seem to believe Tobar shared the codes between you and Tolah”,
I was laughing sarcastically but wait!… She was serious.
“So that’s why we’re flying to Paris to retrieve the codes, Tobar said when we get you there, you will figure it out”,
Me? Like is that guy crazy? First he steals my girlfriend, now he makes me an international target… That bloody Ba$#¥d ahjdh#h ydbv dhsdyyahbdh jdjd*!!!

After venting, I held Alexis’ hand, then looked into her eyes, for a split second, she started looking like the Alexis, My Alexis, I had known so far. I wanted to kiss her, but I just imagined she wouldn’t feel the same way so I let go and turned away. Raising my chin and she gave me a kiss on my forehead.
“Please don’t hate me, I am only doing my job”,
“Its cool, White Widow”,
“How did you know that? That’s my code name”,
Oh? Just great.

Still drowning in my thoughts, thinking about everything so far, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle I knew nothing about together, Silently wishing and praying Tolah was okay wherever he was, twisting the locks on the friendship bracelet we both had,
Then it hit me, Tobar bought these for myself & Tolah when they took me to Paris with them… I looked behind it, there was some type of bar code. Holy shitt ..I figured it out,
I jumped and shouted..
“Winner Winner…. Chicken dinner… I’ve figured it out!” I hoped..

Cupid’s Joke (S2 Ep04)

“Babe where are you? I’m standing right outside the club”
“I’m on my way there, there’s traffic on the freeway, an accident sort of, I’ll be there in a jiffy”

Was driving, left late from work and its was snowing, Vancouver is always cold at this time of the year. Driving when it snows, yep I hate it. Was rushing to meet up Alexis at the club where Tolah was having his birthday party. He was a spoilt rich kid, so he got the best club available. We were both computer programmers & analysts in the same company, he didn’t have to work much, came from a royal home.

Finally got there, she wasn’t outside anymore received a text saying she was in already, it was too cold outside. I got in, didn’t look around much, saw her sitting at the bar and Tolah was talking to her. Tf? The fool was already flirting with her. Nah, not my woman. Walked up to them so fast, it was as if I was swimming past the people dancing. Yelled her name, she looked up, rushed up to hug me, I gave Tolah the middle finger. He was shocked but pretended he wasn’t.

“Yo fool, I win”
“Err babe, What did you win?”
“Nevermind babe, just ignore us”
I walked up to the bartender with a huge smile on my face.
“Three Heiniken Magnum please, extra chilled”

The party was cray, ate food off half naked women, had body shots too. Tolah definitely knew how to throw a party. He just finished the last bottle of the magnum and was barely able to stand,
“I’m sorry man, she a fine babe”
“I know”
“Hope she doesn’t break your heart like becky did, I know my big bro stole her from you and all, and you’re still my friend. I always felt bad about it”
“Its all right Big-T, its in the past”
“Now go meet your woman, every guys eyes are on her right now”
I stood up, walked up to Alexis, she was dancing. Using my imaginary lasso, I drew her close to me, we looked like kids. Dancing slow to the music. Then her phone rang, she picked it up, then a had a lil’ peek, it was a message that read
“CD: Romeo – Echo – Delta…. Tango is compromised”
The look on her face changed so fast
“We have to get out of here”
Grabbing my hands, we were on the run, heading towards the backdoor. Then the lights went off, gunshots filled the air, ladies were screaming, everywhere became chaotic, The emergency lights of the club came on, could see the masked men with AK-47s, counted like 5 of them, shouting in arabic & shooting in the air. Me & alexis were still running towards the back door when I noticed them take Tolah, put a bag over his head & drag him away.
“Alexis, wait, they just took Tolah”
“If we stay here, they’ll take you too, you’re very important”
Yep, I took those words the wrong way..

We got outside, she took her phone and made a call
“Tango is secured, where’s my damn extraction”
At that point, I got scared, there were too many thoughts going through my mind, I tried so hard to stay calm and collected but then in that moment I could feel her adrenaline pumping. She looked different and confused. Two men jumped out of a car, cocked their rifles and pointed it us.
“Lie down now!”
It was an arab accent, both wearing mask, whispering to each other in arabic, one was heading toward us.
Myself and alexis were heading to the floor. Before I could blink, Alexis jumped up, hit the guy closest to us & used him as a shield. The other guy shot at her, killing the guy she was holding, she pulled out a hand gun from his pouch, & with one shot, got him on his head. Frozen like a statue, she walked up to me, pulling me up
“Ralph, are you ok?”
Then a humvee pulled up, she grabbed me, the doors opened, two guys wearing Kevlar bulletproof vests, with CIA boldly written on it. She looked straight into my eyes and told me.
“If you want to live, do as I say”..

I knew I definitely had more than 21 questions to ask her but in that state of my confusion it was best to do what she said, my mind went back to Tolah as we pulled away…

To be continued….

I remain @dante_angelo reporting for Alpha & The Angelo

Cupid’s Joke (S02 Ep03)

I’ve known her for four beautiful weeks. My life has been a lot brighter. It has just been four weeks, who cares? I am happy as hell. (…..wait, technically, hell is not a happy place….). Well, my friends aint seen her yet, the suspense was killing them, especially Tolah, he’s birthday was the next weekend, perfect moment to drop some jaws.

Yea I was the nerdy guy, wearing glasses and all. She was way above my league; she was a 10,000….. I was a 5.2(yea, decimal points also counts). Beauty and the geek… couldn’t wait for Tolah’s birthday; it was gonna be a crazy.

The thing was I’d not even invited her yet (dulling guy right?), was gonna ask her out for dinner, but she said she wanted to cook, she hadn’t done that in a while. I was kinda scared though, fine girls always have something missing in them, well, I thought hers was cooking; she ate a lot of junk food. So technically I thought she was a bad cook. Well, a huge surprise awaited me. Alexis loved sea food (who doesn’t?). Got to her door and could smell the aroma coming from her apartment. As I about to knock, an old man walked out of his apartment, looking at me smiling… 
“Alexis is cooking? Are you her boyfriend?”
“I think I am” (I think I am? who says that?)
“You got a feisty one there, handle with care… great gal she is”
“I’ll try my best…….
Then she opened the door, already called her I was outside before that (who knocks these days anyways),
“Try your best on what?”
“Errm…..errrm…. errm..”
I was just staring at her; she was all sweaty in her pink tank top, with her thick shiny black hair all rolled up, she was just perfect.
“Mr. Anderson, this is Ralph, Ralph, my nice neighbor, Mr. Anderson”
“Nice to meet you, sir”
“You kids have fun, heading out to a bingo game”
He smiled and waved on his way out, got into her apartment took off my coat, the room smelled so nice, we were gonna have lobster and oysters, with some arugula salads, hope this smells nice. 
“I cooked all these SPECIALLY for us”
Lobster, oysters, chocolates, red wine…… aphrodisiac foods?. Am I gonna get laid tonight? Then the big grin got glued to my face. 
“I’ll be right back, lemme have a quick shower” 
Watched her undress (don’t judge me, who wouldn’t), she was just gorgeous. 

The meal was great, didn’t see this coming, couldn’t stop praising her about it. She had the lights off and lit some scented candles; she definitely wants to get laid, or so I thought. After dinner, we went to sit at her roof top, the city was just bright, with the lights and snow, it wasn’t too cold.
“I know right? Just love it”
“I was not talking about the city, I was referring to you”
She gave the biggest blush ever, swiped her hair behind her ear and stared right into my eyes. 
“Do I have to tell you everything? This is when you kiss me”
“My bad”
Her lips were so soft, that rosey aroma that came along with her, she was so warm….. So many things running through my mind, we talked most of night, holding her close, not wanting to let go. Invited her for Tolah’s party, she said yes, Perfect!
“Do you have protection?”
“Protection? for what?”
“Errm sex?”
“Why will I invite you over? To look at my fine face? To snap picture?”
I felt so stupid, had my hand on my face, to cover my stupidity. 
“It’s alright, maybe next time. You weren’t thinking of sex when you left your house, just made me like you more”
Just great, obvious she was horny and I had to screw it up. Tolah told me to get condoms for my imaginary babe. Stupidly forgot. Anyway, there’s still time, I wasn’t in a hurry.
We kissed a lot before leaving her apartment, it was 1am already, had to be at work by 8am, had to go home, could see the sad look on her face when I was leaving. As I walked out the door, I realized I had not technically asked her out, took out my phone, took a pic of myself, edited it saying ‘Will you go out with me?” I stood outside hoping she’ll run out from her apartment, into my arms. But no, she didn’t. Still outside her door, I called and no answer, could hear her phone ring. This broke my big soft heart, got outside and was about getting into my car.

“Ralph, Yes!!!”

Till Next Time

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Cupid’s Joke (S02 Ep2)

I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool, she was as  gorgeous as I can remember. The snow dropping on her black hair, my Lord, she was so pretty. 
“You’ve gone dumb on me again?”
She turned around & was walking away, I had to do something. Held her hand and pulled her back, then Boom, planted my lips on hers, it happened so fast, not planned atall trust me, She kissed back, brushed through her hair with my hands to the back of her neck, It felt like fireworks blowing up in my head, her lips were do soft and gentle but cold but that didn’t matter I was liplocking with this beauty and that was that plus she smelt really nice, like roses. When we stopped kissing, her eyes were still closed for some seconds, I was expected a huge slap right after that.
“What was that?” Her eyes still closed, holding her hands and panicking inside.
“Errrrrm, I’m …. Sorry, you were walking away, I got confused, didn’t know what to do, wasn’t thinking…..”
She kissed me again, it wasn’t fireworks this time, it was an explosion. It was short, but hot.
“Ok just shut up and stop apologizing, I prefer you quiet”
I was just full of smiles, words couldn’t just come out, in my arms, I was holding a beautiful woman, just met her for the second time & she kissed me. SCORE!

Collected her number this time, she left, she said she had been looking out for me too at the train station, hoping to see me again (quite odd). We arranged to meet again, she just moved close to me, like 20 blocks away (wait, that’s close enough right?). 
Got home that day and told my friends about her for the first time. obviously, they didn’t believe me. They all thought I was lying, Tolah, a closest friend, also my arch-nemesis carried it on his head like Iya rainbow’s gele. 
“Ralph, I don’t believe you, the babe just kiss you like that? Except say na jazz you use?” 
“Believe or not, she’s real”
“Make I hear word, till I see with my own eyes”
They’re all gonna be surprised, I show ’em
“Ok, why don’t you invite her to your birthday next week?”
“Deal, if you’re lying, you’ll drink three Heineken Magnum”
“Asswipe, Deal, mofo!”
“You go drink beer taya that day”
I so hate this guy, but still my closest friend
“I know we’ve been pushing you to get a girl after you and becky’s break up, But this story looks so untrue, out of the blue, u don get one fine half-caste like that. Guy talk another lie”
“Guy calm down, you’ll get to see her”

We arranged a date, to the movies. I rushed like a happy bunny to her house to pick her up, dressed nice and smelling good. Got to her apartment, called her, she told me she wasn’t ready, told me to come up. Got into her apartment, it was all white & purple. Saw paintings on the wall, she was a painter. They were all abstract paintings. Then I noticed one of the paintings, It….. Was…… Me. She painted me, it looked so good. Like the hell did I do to this girl? She walked in and felt embarrassed. 
“You painted me?”
“Yea, your face couldn’t get outta my head, couldn’t help it”
This babe just won my heart, was moving closer to her, held her and and kissed her.
“I love it, its nice”
Was about kissing her again, but she pushed me away
“We’re gonna be late for the movie, let’s go”
It was a beginning of something great

Till Next Time

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The Butcher (Final Episode)

He began to take risks. Jobs were hastily planned and carried out…the money he’d lost made him reckless and daring. Weeks stretched into months and the money was coming in fast and thick…going as fast as it came too. During the daytime, he lived like a king…imperious, haughty, fearless. At night, dark dreams tormented and haunted him. Lately he’d begun to dream of Chinwe. Dreams that spilled into daylight, merging with his conscious moments. He had a string of girls (all paid for, of course). Love was for the weak. All Mike wanted to do was eat, fuck, rob and kill. His gang members were even starting to fear him. It took too little these days to get him riled up. The weekend was approaching…it was December…people would be travelling ‘home’ usually with a lot of money on their person(s). They made plans for Friday night and met at the usual mustering point. Mike was all dressed in black, complete with a black head warmer. His boys were similarly dressed with freshly blackened faces. They didn’t have long to wait before they spotted a 14-seater toyota bus, sputtering along, hazard lights on. They were in luck! The bus probably had some sort of mechanical fault and would be easy pickings. Stopping the bus was as easy as taking candy from a baby and within minutes, all the passengers were prone on the floor, shaking. It didn’t take long for them to be parted from their valuables. The night was looking up, just a couple of cars to go and they could retire. This was the easy stuff, it was becoming too much of a routine. Mike was bored, he wanted a big score. One major heist that would keep them in money for a while. Later on as they shared the loot, he broached the topic to his right hand man, White. “See ehn, all this ones we dey do na peanuts. Me I wan hammer big time, I need job when go pay mega bucks. As I dey here so, na like 10million upwards I dey find.” White said, half-joking “ah, make you go rob bank na.” Mike laughed and opened another bottle of beer. They didn’t speak about it again that night, but the seed had already been planted. He spent the next few days, thinking about how it might be done. There was a popular new generation bank close to where they normally went to hang out. IF they could successfully pull this off, they were on easy street…made. It would require careful planning. It was going to be his retirement plan. 
“Everybody, get the fuck down!!!” Mike screamed through his mask. White was standing by the bank security doors, already blown down with dynamite. He had positioned 2 of his boys on the street, ready to shoot anyone or anything that came close. Another was busy walking around the banking hall, making sure everyone was complying with Mike’s directives. The bank manager, trembling, opened the vault door when they stuck a gun in his gut. They had to work fast. Several bags were filled with bundles of money and they were outside as quick as jack rabbits. As they entered the getaway car, the sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance. “Step on it!” barked Mike. In their hurry to escape, the designated driver temporarily lost control and the car swerved off the road, into a gutter. They were stuck. His gang members were looking around, fear on their faces. Mike was busy stuffing money into his pockets. It was every man for himself and he was not about to be taken by the police. He got out of the car and took off, leaving his boys to struggle with the car. His gun was in his hand, a deterrent to any ‘brave soul’ that might try to stop him. He knew where he was going…he was making for some bushes nearby. That was his territory, he could vanish there. In the distance, he could hear White shouting, then he heard a volley of gunfire. Then nothing. Oh well, it was every man for himself. He could see the bushes, he was almost there. Mike felt something bite him before he heard a gun shot. Another ‘mosquito’ bit him again…then he was in the bushes. In a couple of minutes, he had vanished from sight. Yes, he was still Mike the butcher…invincible, invisible…stronger than a bear. He risked a laugh and felt a strange sort of pain. He looked down and was surprised to see blood on his shirt. He’d been shot. Twice. The adrenaline rush that carried him thus far rapidly dissipated and he had to lean against a tree for support. He was losing blood fast and in a few minutes the ground became a comfortable bed. He was dying. He knew it now and there was nothing he could do about it. He thought about his life…his mother…he missed her. Briefly, the old, innocent Mike came to the surface. He thought of Chinwe too…the Devil. SHE caused this. The she-devil…where was she now? Probably sucking some poor sod off right now. He wondered if the stories of heaven and hell were real. The stories of torment and agony in everlasting fire. He hadn’t really believed all that before. Suddenly he had a thought…what if hell was real but not in the way we imagined? What if God existed and his punishment would be to make you experience every mistake you made on earth, over and over for eternity? He imagined himself, a thousand years from now, chained to Chinwe in differing universes, always falling victim, living the same life again, killing his father over and over again. Right then, he wished he wouldn’t die. He would gladly take prison time, anything just for a chance to repent. He really wished he wouldn’t die…


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Cupid’s Joke (S2 Ep 1)

“All aboard!”
The train’s loud noise filled the air, steam from its engine gushing out, it was moving, picking up speed and slowly vanishing into the fog. Damn! I missed her again. I had been coming to the train station every morning for a week now, sitting on this chair waiting, if only I could see her again. It had been a painful week of disappointment. Would I ever see her again? I prayed every morning before I left home for my routine wait at the train station, drove in the early morning snow just to catch the first train, hopefully to see her again. What happened to me? Who was this woman and Why was she all up in the thoughts? The memories of her still fresh on my mind.

Me looking out the window, the snow… So clear and beautiful, was out of my elements, but beauty of it made me forget about that. Listening to some Drake on my android, some good music. Was writing my name on the window, it was misty. 
“Is this seat taken?”
A soft calm angelic voice beckoned to my ears. Its was orgasmic. I turned slowly, and gazed upon one of God’s gorgeous creation. The chandelier behind her gave her that shine. Dressed in all white, Yup, definitely an Angel. Was still staring, haven’t given her a reply yet.
“Errrm… Hello, I asked a question” snapping her fingers, bringing me back to reality. 
“Oh! I’m so sorry, No its free”
Wait… Only a Nigerian can know that word, Right? well I think
“Hold on, You’re Nigerian?”
“Yes, well kinda, my dad’s Nigerian, mum’s Persian/American”
“That’s quite a nice combo, I’m Ralph by the way”
Shaking my hand, so soft, I imagined for a second her giving me a hand job. She had this shiny natural dark black hair, definitely from her Persian line. Was staring at her through out, with her cute custom ray ban glasses, she was reading a novel and  kept looking up, noticing me look at her, blushing on code. 
“Ok, you’re staring too much, its creepy, can’t even read”
“Oh I’m sorry, I won’t look again”
Like seriously? Did that just fall out from my mouth, she looked disappointed, I’m sure she called me a “dulling boy” in her mind. Looking out the window, I just screwed up. Could still notice her eyes on me though.
“Since you can’t start a convo on this 1hr train ride, well I will”
Ok there was still hope…. Took out my earpiece, turned off the music
“I’m sorry, I’m not really good at this”
“Shy guy? By the way, what you listening too?”
“Oh, Now I see”
Now she’s laughing at me, cute laugh though. Our conversation was so cool, we talked about everything, family, weather, politics, sports, video games(this is where I fell in love with her), relationships. She’s such a beauty in and out. And she was enjoying my company, I made her laugh (that was new), we were in sync, I just knew what to say (strange).

The Train announcement came up, cut short our convo. It was my stop, she had a sad look on. Did she like me already? Got up and gave her hand shake and said our goodbyes. I was walking slowly, looking back and waving, she was looking at me, waiting for me to say or do something. Dull me was just walking away, till I got outside, through the window, saw her bring out her phone. 
“Holy shit, forgot to collect her number”
“All aboard”
Running to her window, tapping the glass, waving my phone at her, she looked at me, laughing & shaking her head. The train picked up speed, couldn’t catch up again, just had to stop, couldn’t breathe, the cold wouldn’t let me. She was gone.

Been at this train stop, her train stop for a week now, even asked in some shops around, describing her, no one had an idea who she was. Was heartbroken, missed a fine girl like that. Walking to my car, dusting the snow off my window, felt a soft tap on my shoulder.
“Hey, Usain Bolt, you forgot to collect my number”.

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The Butcher (Episode 11)

Chinwe was graduating and Mike didn’t know how he felt about it. A part of him knew he was supposed to be happy for her, but he was so used to having her around that the thought of her not being there was something he wasn’t fully ready to accept. Here he was, Capo of the most feared cult in school, leader of a notorious armed robbery gang and he was being moon-eyed because of a chick. He had discussed the matter with her, wanting her to ‘work’ her mandatory youth service to the same town their school was in. She hadn’t yet answered in the affirmative. Lately, Chinwe had started to display even more erratic mood swings. Today wasn’t an exception. She had been quiet most of the day, lying on his bed, busy playing temple run on her ipad. Mike tried to talk to her, but all he got from her mouth was a series of unintelligible grunts and curt replies. He shrugged and went back to what he had been doing, absently filing his fingernails. He needed a drink. He hadn’t had one in days…a short bout of malaria made him abstain for a while. Putting on a black sweatshirt, he made to leave the room. “Where are you going?” Chinwe asked. “I’m going to Mama Iyabo’s place. I need a shot or 2 of jedi” She nodded and went back to her game.
The joint was full today. He saw some people he knew and waved to them. Ordered his drink and sat down, sipping slowly, cigarette in one hand. There was some sort of commotion happening in a far corner. He tried to see what it was. Some of his friends were having fun with a young boy. Must have been a jambite by the looks of him. They were tossing his ‘phone around and laughing. He wasn’t interested in that shit. “Let them have their fun. He was above all that type of crap.” Then the noise went up several octaves. He could make out a new voice. A familiar voice. It was Daniel. The youth they were tormenting was his younger brother. Mike sat up a bit…clearly interested now. There was no love lost between him and Daniel, for old time’s sake, he had refrained from dealing with Daniel after the police saga earlier. The scene was gradually becoming rowdier. He could not say who did what or how it started off, but all of a sudden, the playful jests and ill-meant ribbing became violent and spilled outside into the road. The sound of bottles breaking filled the air and there was a terrible cry. The crowd parted and Daniel’s brother was on the floor, a bottle jutting out of his neck. There was a general hush as Daniel slowly knelt beside his younger brother. Mike stood up quickly and walked towards where they were gathered. Daniel struggled to lift his brother up and Mike put out his hand to assist him. It was struck away. “Don’t touch him you monster! You king of killers! I don’t know them, but I know you! You will produce all of them.” Sobbing, he lifted the poor youth, blood pumping out of his neck. He was dead before he could get to the hospital. 
For the second and the last time, Mike was a guest of the police. Two days straight, they had been at him to reveal the identity of the people at the bar. He had stuck to his guns through the beating and the torture. His mother had come to the station to try and plead for his release but the DPO was having none of it. If he wasn’t going to play ball, he was going to have to be a guest of their ‘best’ cell. His father refused to ‘see’ anybody on his behalf. As far as he was concerned, he no longer had a son. The DPO had presented a large sheet, detailing Mike’s activities in school, including his cult life. His mother, as all mothers are wont to do, refused to believe anything she didn’t see with her eyes. HE was her son, no matter what. A week passed, 2 weeks. A month. The school exams would have been over. Chinwe hadn’t come to see him…not even once. She had access to his (their) account, he expected she would have taken some money from there to come and bail him. When he managed to beg the odd policeman here and there for a quick phone call, her numbers were switched off. Had the Police picked her up too? He was worried and begun to lose weight. His mother, rallying around was finally able to raise enough money to bail him out and drove him straight home. He thought about the last time he was home. Thought about his father, letting him waste away in that stinking cell. Felt the bile come to his throat. He hated the old goat. Stingy Bastard. His father didn’t even look up as Mike walked in. Mike was mad. Planting himself squarely in front of his father, he took careful aim and spat on his face. “Mike!” His mother gasped. “Are you mad? Are you crazy?” His father stood there, shock etched on his face. His mother grabbed his shirt, shaking him…shouting. Mike shoved her, hard, and she fell over a stool. His father moved at last, attempting to run towards him, strangled cry on his lips…when suddenly he clutched his chest and keeled over. Heart attack! This was the fatal kind. 
He wasn’t invited for the burial. His mother told him he was an orphan now, he couldn’t ever come home again. But he was too far gone. A combination of drugs, weed and illicit gin had successfully numbed his feelings and sealed his fate. He had money…fuck everybody, fuck Chinwe, fuck the world. All that was important to him was the bank teller he was standing in front of. What was the big-breasted lady saying again? He was busy staring at the captivating rise of her lush boobs. No money? He had over 2 million in his account, what was she saying? “Sir, you have systematically made ATM withdrawals almost everyday for a month, your balance is N2,965:40” He broke into a cold sweat. Chinwe was the last person to hold/use the ATM card. The air-conditioning in the bank was in tip-top shape…but the sweat was pouring down now in fast rivulets. He knew nothing of where she stayed when she wasn’t in school. Her numbers were permanently switched off now. He had missed his 2nd semester exams and so would be repeating his 300level. He was broke and had no parents. For the first time in his life, he knew what it was like to be alone.

To be continued…watch out for the final part of this story

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The Different Silence

I walked around while they cheered on,

It was hotter than usual that afternoon,

While they bore her naked and paraded her,

I knew she wasn’t the one,

I walked around for a while with a heavy head,

His voice stood out as they cheered on,

She gave those short glances that were bland but held enough,

But she marched on,

Carrying what was left of her,

The awareness of her death not far off

Not focusing on the shame,

But on the heartbeat slowly coming to a halt, She marched on,

Still feeling his strong hands allover her,

Pulling and squeezing,

The sharp noises he gave while untop her,

The tears she wanted out so badly but didn’t fall freely on her cheeks,

She was betrayed and left out to feel common and dirty,

Without her pride or a choice to hold on to,

Naked and angry,

Not because she was only in skin,

Or that she had been waiting on God to vindicate her,

But because he was present, and Oh! His voice, the loudest.

The belittling with the subjecting stares he gave,

Cold and unapologetic,

The possibility to love something and still condescend to it,

That vulnerability she wore so openly it knotted at her throat like a tie,

He was “The Chief”, a thief,

And she was only an orphan girl that had “nothing to lose”,

An orphan girl that soaked in her pain and made it feel good,

Bore her sufferings to a man before death and watched him cringe,

It was only a matter of time before they met again,

He was going to experience an open chested agony,

But this was only the beginning.

Those short bland glances that say nothing but hold enough.

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The Butcher (Episode 10)

Business was slow today. Mike had been crouching with his new friends in the bushes along a lonely road, waiting for any unsuspecting motorist to come by. He had been at this business for about 6 months now. Chinwe had her car. He had ‘loose change’ in his pocket. Right now, he was restless. Information had reached them that a black SUV was due to pass the road today, carrying a large amount of money. 2 hours after the time their informant had told them it was gonna go down, no sign of the car or any promising ‘customer’ was seen. Mike was cold, hungry, tired and most importantly, angry. A myriad of thoughts ran through his mind in fits and stops. Mentally, he conjured up vivid images of Afam (the informant) in various stages of debilitating pain and agony. Mike kept on consoling himself with thoughts of what he was going to do to Afam when he saw him that night. He felt someone tug his shirt sleeve which was rolled to his elbow, exposing his tattoos. “Boss, e be like say person dey come. I dey hear something.” Mike strained his ears and finally made out the sound of an approaching vehicle. Scrambling out of the bushes with his boys in tow, they quickly rolled a large boulder into the road and took up positions. Then the car came into focus. It was a black SUV. Was this the one Afam told them about? No matter, the unlucky Bastard, whoever he was would have to do. He went through the motions, mechanically. As the car neared the boulder and reduced speed, he fired out 2 shots. Warning shots. On cue, the driver of the vehicle applied the brakes sharply and ground the car to a halt. They swarmed to the driver side door. “Get the fuck out of the car! Now! Get your Fucking hands up or I waste you here!” The driver came out in a hurry, looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an approaching trailer. They noticed there was a passenger in the car. A lady. She too was ordered out of the car and both of them were made to lie down. Shouts of “where is the money?” interspersed with swift and vicious kicks to the man lying prone on the road rent the cool evening air. Still lying face down, the frightened driver frantically pointed towards the back of the SUV. Mike motioned to his second in command, a surly youth oddly named White seeing as he was as black as mortal sin. White moved to the back of the vehicle and saw a briefcase there. It was stuffed with dollar bills. “Jackpot boss!” Excitedly, the rest members of the gang went to have a look, leaving Mike with his gun trained on the car occupants. Actually, his attention was riveted on the lady lying on the road. She had a great butt and He was crazy about women with large butts. “Get the case and come and search these fools!” he shouted. “The lady is mine to search.” He took his time searching her, squeezing her ample boobs and lingering on her ass as he ‘searched’ her. His boys, already used to his ways, leered on. They knew what was coming, they had seen it before. The still shivering man, finally musterd enough courage to speak in a voice that threatened to break at any moment. “That’s all we have here. Please spare us. Take the car, just don’t hurt us.” Mike laughed, his laughter sounding cold and ominous. “Take care of am” he barked to White. Without hesitation, White brought the butt of the gun down hard on the man’s head. He crumpled like a piece of discarded tissue. Mike trussed the lady up and pushed her against the car. She was wearing a light cotton dress that was several inches above her knee. In one swift motion, he ripped off the flimsy material and saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. She whimpered like a wet kitten, large eyes turned to him, silently pleading for him not to do this THING. Then eyes turned up to the heavens, as if praying for help from above. He spat in his palm. The crude lubricant would have to do. With a primitive cry, he rammed in, tearing delicate womanly tissue. When he was done, the boys had their turn. Were they not brothers? Everything was shared here. They got into the SUV and sped off. Back at school, Mike counted his share of the loot and said a ‘prayer’ for Afam. He had dropped the car off a Baba Ibeji’s place. In 2 days, the car would be unrecognizable to the owner. His boys had gone off to where the usually went after an operation. He carefully separated a part of the money. Seed money. An election was coming up…J.J had left them a couple of months back and was concentrating on being ‘born again’ the fool. With this money, he was guaranteed the necessary votes to become supreme commander. Ahh, life was sweet, he put the money in his wardrobe and went out without locking the door. Only a fool with a death wish would think of robbing him. We wasn’t afraid of thieves. Thoughts of Chinwe filled his mind so he made for her place. He needed to feel the air against his face and she liked to drive fast. It would be the perfect ending to a so-far perfect day. He was on top of the world, nothing could stop him…nothing could go wrong, or so he thought…

To be continued…

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The Butcher (Episode 9)

He woke up with a smile on his face. The events of the night before, playing over and over in his head. So this was the ‘threesome’ he had heard so much about. He had done everything he had ever wished to do to and with a girl that night. With Chinwe, with the strange girl and then with the two of them together. Christ on a bike! That Chinwe was good with her tongue. That had to be the best birthday Mike could ever remember himself having. Looking around the room, he could see Chinwe and the strange girl fast asleep. His eyes moved down the entire length of their sleeping forms, lingering lustfully on the rhythmic rising and falling of 2 pairs of breasts, their owners oblivious…blisfully unaware of the occular rape and lasvicious ogling their naked bodies were being subjected to. “This is the life of Kings” he said to himself happily. With a rueful sigh, he sat up, rubbing his temples gingerly, the makings of a terrible hangover already beginning. Dimly, he could recollect some parts of the conversation he had with Chinwe in the middle of the sex marathon. If it could be termed a conversation. It was more like her telling or asking and he was answering in the affirmative. Well, what did she expect him to do? He was about to bust a nut…everyone knows a man will agree to anything once he’s about to shoot his load. It had something to do with a car. She was asking for a car. Christ! Where did she expect him to get the money for a car? Anyways, that could be handled later. At the moment, he was more concerned about the man with a hammer and nails, pounding away inside his head. A couple of painkillers later, cigarette in hand, Mike gently woke the ladies and went to shower. For the next couple of weeks, Chinwe gave him no rest. All her friends had cars and she too wanted one. His usual tricks to get money – ‘obtaining’ fellow students wasn’t going to work. School was on a short break so no students to terrorize. Money was in short supply and even if he DID have some, it wasn’t nearly enough to get any sort of decent car. For a couple of days, he played with the idea of going to ask his parents but remembered his father had told him not to ask for a penny from them, at least not until he 
decided he was going to be a ‘useful son’ again. Expecting financial help from his cult members was akin to squeezing water from a stone. He usually bankrolled most of their activities. What he needed was ‘divine’ help. Something out of the ordinary…something that would give him instantaneous wealth. Mike had tried his hands on ‘yahoo yahoo’ and found he didn’t have the patience for it. Talking glibly for money had never been his style, he had always believed in taking things forcefully. That wasn’t going to change now. Other things were bothering him too. Lately, Jon Jon had become a little distant. He rarely attended meetings and had one day asked Mike about salvation and the bible. Mike had laughed it off, punching Jon Jon playfully on the arm. Everybody knew that God didn’t exist. If he did, he had turned his back on mankind a long time ago. The Devil and his acolytes were in charge now, or so he thought. He would have to speak to J.J sometime soon. Nobody had time for a cult leader that had lost his nerve or edge. Maybe it was even time for an in-house coup. He was popular and feared, he would be one of the candidates should any ‘vacancy’ exist. Progress eh? He was sitting down, mulling over these things when Chinwe came into the room. He eyed her warily, waiting for her to snap at him as usual. She had become irritable these past few days and he took great care to stay out of her way. He was pleasantly surprised then when she came and sat on his laps, smile on her face. “What’s the matter baby? Why so sad?” He looked up at her and said “you know why. I don’t have enough money to do what you want me to do.” Shaking his head, he blurted out “what am I supposed to do? Go on the highway and start robbing people?” Her beautiful teeth flashed. Once. “Yes, why not? The people that do it, are they not men? Can the handle a gun as good as you baby?” As she spoke, one hand went down to encircle his member, deflty stroking the tip through the front slit of his boxer shorts. He shuddered as a swift thrill of pleasure shot through him. She leaned forward, kissing him softly on his ear, tongue snaking inside, teasing him…lifting his shirt up, she pinched his nipples, one after the other. With a groan, he attempted to put his hands under her blouse. Slapping them away, Chinwe pushed him back on the bed and knelt between his thighs. Her mouth moved towards his manhood and then she stopped. “Go on!” he muttered, voice thick with desire. She smiled again and said ” are you gonna get me my car darling? You gonna do whatever it takes for your baby?” He put his fingers in her hair, pushing her head downwards. “No! Ah, yes, goddamn you…YES! NO! YES! YES! YES!” Fuck it, he had killed before, he was fearless. He could do anything, HE was superman. Whatever it took, he would do it. Rob, kill, steal, whatever…as long as he got THE money. As long as she kept on sucking…fuck the world, he was the butcher..

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A Piece Of you

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Walking on the busy streets of Oshodi, trying to get home after a long tiring day at work is one of the most frustrating things in the 21st Century. Working on the island isn’t easy, especially when you live on the mainland. He Finally, saw the last bus that was gonna drop him at home. Thankfully, he walked towards it while counting the money he had left. He noticed a young woman staring at him. She looked shocked, with her hands covering her mouth. He didn’t understand. He looked back, saw nothing worth eye catching, “Its not me”, he thought and continued counting his money. Without warning, he felt someone holding him tight. He could hear the sobs. He felt her tears drop on his shirt. “Ok, what’s happening? Who’s this woman?”.. Several thoughts ran through his head. He was still in shock when she looked up and said “Oh daniel, I’ve missed you”……

Her day was as usual. Work has not been easy. So much demands coming in lately. She had been working like robot. All she needed was to soak herself in water when she get home. Oh yes! Before she forgot again. She had to buy a phone charger. “Daniel I hope you’re watching me, so I don’t buy the wrong charger today”. She said jokingly to herself. She felt sad a lil bit. The last one Daniel bought for her had just spoilt. She was putting the charger in her bag right after paying then suddenly she had this strong urge to turn. She did. The face she saw froze her world. Her heart rate reduced. She dropped the change in her hands. She felt weightless. She didn’t know she was moving, walking slowly him. It was like time stopped and only two people were moving. She couldn’t control myself. Amidst sobs and hot tears, She threw her arms around him and squeezed. Just to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.
Daniel. Her Daniel had come back to her!

The one thing he hates in his life is seeing women cry. He had to push her away slowly cause if this continued, he probably would have joined her in tears. After successfully pushing her away, she finally got a good look at him. Her eyes wide open like she was about to shoot lasers out of it.
“I’m so sorry, please forgive my behavior, you just look exactly like my late fiance, he died a month before our wedding, please I’m so sorry”
She stepped back and kept crying. He looked around. Everyone had their eyes on them. Gossip had started. “maybe he give am belle. Men of nowadays ehn!”. He was quite embarrassed. His intention was to turn and yell at her but looking into her eyes, he could only see pain. Pure concentrated pain. He couldn’t just bear it. He just had to walk away from her. Before he did, he touched her shoulder and said “Its okay, I’m sorry for your loss”. And that’s when he got a good look her… She was a gorgeous, stunning young woman. Why would her “Daniel” die and leave her behind? Why did he do that to the angel standing before him. He couldn’t stop thinking about her on his way home. He felt guilty. The Wounds that she might have been trying so hard to heal, He carried his big stupid head to open them up just by looking like Daniel. Must he cause havoc everywhere he goes? How will she sleep tonight? Why did he have to look like someone’s dead fiance? Then other strange thoughts started creeping in. If I die, will I leave so much pain behind?, would my loved ones suffer and grieve for God knows how long?

She cried all the way home. The first thing she did when she got home was to head to the shower, turned it on and continued crying under it. She wanted to cry the pain out. She was confused. She thought she was over it. She was ashamed that the wounds hadn’t still healed. Is this how she was gonna live her life? Will she ever get over Daniel? The tears flowed freely. All she needed was God to help she because she was done. She couldn’t take it anymore. Why would her soul mate leave her to face the world alone.? Its so unfair. Then she found the courage to utter the words that truly expressed how she felt.. “Daniel, I miss you”…… And broke down and wept inconsolable…

This world is full of pain. Everybody is going through something you have no knowledge of. How you treat people matters a lot, whether family, friend or stranger. Be mindful of what you say or do. Loving each other is the only way to heal the world. Be nice to people. An act of random kindness a day would make the world a better place. Think about it.

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The Butcher (Episode 8)

His blood was boiling. He had been banging on Chinwe’s door for about 10minutes with no response. The lights were on and music was blaring from her speakers. The neighbors came out briefly and when they saw his face, hurriedly went back in, taking care to bolt their doors. Jay had tried to persuade him not to make the night journey to her place, but Mike was adamant. He was going to kill the ‘sonuvabitch’ that answered her phone. He knocked again, growing irritated. His fertile mind could imagine what sort of lewd acts were being performed inside. He couldn’t take it any longer. Lifting his left leg, Mike smashed the lock in and stormed into the room. It was…empty. His brain couldn’t understand it. He expected to see them there, caught in the act. “Where was she?” He made the trip back home, in somber silence.
A week passed. No Chinwe and no new incidents for him to vent his spleen on. It was getting close to exams…time to gather money together for ‘blocking’ and bribing lecturers. His dad told him he wouldn’t be getting any money out of him, seeing as he was ‘getting too big for his britches’ and for the first time, his mother sided with his dad against him. It was time to start cracking a few heads and intimidating lesser mortals to part with whatever money they had. It was a simple job. Once you had a gun, things usually worked out in your favor. He was preparing that morning to go see a stubborn lecturer. He was just buttoning his shirt when Chinwe walked in. She looked tired. “Where the fuck have you been and who the fuck answered your phone when I called the other night?” She sat down and looked straight at him. “I don’t owe you or any other nigga an explanation, but just this once, I’ll deign to give you one. I was in my village. My brother was playing temple run on my phone and he was the one that answered. I had to run when I heard the police were looking for me. I couldn’t contact you or pick your calls because I felt you were still in jail and it was the cops trying to trap me into revealing my hideout.” He relaxed and smiled. “I’m sorry for doubting you. Seems I owe you a door lock.” She asked where he was going and he filled her in on plans. He never asked how she got on with school. He just assumed she bribed her way through as well. God knows he gave her enough money for her to be able to take care of such things.
Exams came and went, he was in 200 level. He was respected. He was feared. Life, as he knew it was good to him. His birthday was coming too. He wasn’t going to spend it at home. No sir! His clan members were organizing a party for him in honor of his elevation. He had just been confirmed as the official butcher. Crazy grenade was graduating and there was a void left to be filled. He stood unopposed, wasn’t he the most vicious of them now? He was going to be the youngest person to hold that position. The party was all that he thought it would be. Alcohol, drugs, women. People were pairing off and copulating on the dance floor. Mike turned to Chinwe and attempted to put his hand under her blouse. She slapped his hand away and told him to wait until they got home. He couldn’t contain his excitement…he almost ran all the way home with her in tow. When they got home, chinwe took the keys from him and opened the room. There was a light-skinned girl on the bed. Totally naked. “Here baby, my birthday gift to you.” She smiled and led him in. Pulling a chair beside the bed, she motioned for him to take off his clothes. “Fuck her. Hard. Mama wants to watch. Don’t let me tell you twice.” Stealing a glance at Chinwe, Mike saw the serious glint in her eyes and her jaw set. He was out of his clothes in a flash and jumped into bed with the strange lady….

…To be continued…

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The Butcher (Episode 7)

His mother was crying. She was the first person he called as soon as he got to the Police Station. As for Chinwe, the police hadn’t found her…yet. In a fit of reckless bravado, Mike had written in his statement that he was the one who had struck Daniel. From his cell, he could hear his mother crying as she spoke to the Investigative officer at the counter. The DPO wasn’t in and so they had to wait. 30minutes later, he arrived. A fat, balding man of 45, the DPO was used to dealing with parents of erring kids. Money was king here. He ushered Mike’s mum into his office and a few minutes later, she emerged smiling. The drive back home (she insisted he followed her to the family house) was silent. Finally his mum could bear the silence no longer. “So that is what we pay your fees for eh?” He said nothing. “The DPO said the young man that reported the case claimed you were one of the leading members of a cult. Mike my son, is this correct?” He kept on staring out the window, humming an off-beat tune. Seeing she was going to get nothing out of him, she said no more words until they got home. His father was waiting for him in the living room, belt in hand. A mocking laugh burst out of Mike’s mouth. “What are you going to use that for old man? Better not be me because if you think you’re strapping me with that, you must be a joker.” His dad slumped in his chair. Deflated. Mother resumed another round of sobbing while Mike just shook his head and walked out on them. Back at school, he met silence in his room. There was no trace of Daniel or Omo. He tried calling Chinwe, but her ‘phone was switched off. “Well fuck ’em all then” he muttered. Swearing under his breath, he flopped down on his bed and tried to sleep. It wasn’t until 7pm that Daniel came in. He was surprised to see Mike sleeping and walked angrily to his bed. The sounds woke Mike up and with sleepy eyes, he attempted to glare at Daniel. “So you think reporting me and Chinwe to the police was the best thing right?” Daniel would not look at him, and stared fixedly at his pillow. Mike swung his legs off the bed and made as if to go at Daniel. Then he laughed. “Plenty of time to get even bucko, plenty of time indeed.” He still hadn’t heard from Chinwe and was getting irritated. Lighting a joint of weed, he inhaled deeply, feeling the harsh smoke wash over his lungs. Christ! He really needed a drink. He really loved his lager. Luckily, his hostel was located near several watering holes, all of them only too eager to cater to him. His love for alcohol was the stuff of legends. A few bottles and 2 hours later, he was in heaven. They gave him his usual. Mortuary standard cold bottles of harp. Ahh, this was the life. Filled with alcohol, he staggered out of the joint and came face to face with Jay. “Where you dey go? Siddon make we drink jor.” So they sat. And drank. And drank. Finally, totally drunk, they held each other and staggered out of the beer spot. Mike’s house was closer so it made perfect sense that they would go to his place. He could hear his phone ringing in his pocket but it cost too much effort to bring it out. All he could think of was his bed…and Chinwe. He fumbled the phone out of his pocket finally, then saw the number 4022. He spat an unintelligible curse at Globacom and tried Chinwe’s number one more time. Success! It rang! “Hello?” Mike’s blood went cold and the beer haze lifted from his mind. It was a man on the other end…

To be Continued

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The Butcher (Episode 6)

Mike was in. He was a made man with a confirmed kill under his belt. He could rub his shoulders with the best of the best. Jay had taken him under his wing and acted like a mentor. His days were filled with steamy sessions shared with Chinwe and his nights, fully occupied with his new brothers. The school authorities and the Police were never able to solve the murders as nobody was stupid enough to volunteer any information. Chinwe was a sex and violence fiend. For her, the two seemed to go hand in hand. Merely hearing of a violent act, made her excited in ways that were alien but delightfully decadent to Mike. He had completely forgotten about his lectures and barely attended. Old friends too were discarded. He was Mike after all, the one who tamed the mad lion, Makamba. Jay promised him that they had nothing to fear from the school authorities. He openly boasted that the VC himself was a member of their cult and so they were the untouchables. Lecturers could be bribed. The ones that were too ‘stubborn’ were told that they could come home and find their families slaughtered like chickens. Those ones played ball. They all did. He had, along the line, taken to smoking hemp and popping pills. ‘Vitamin Cs with attitude’ was what Chinwe called the pills. They would sit down all day, smoking…fucking like a pair of jack rabbits. Nobody messed with her. She was Mike’s girl now. Everybody knew how tight Mike and Jay were and feared crossing them. Daniel, his roommate, tried to talk to him, but Mike just laughed it off. Chinwe hated Daniel and Omo. Daniel most of all. She had already complained that he looked at her like trash and did not approve of Mike’s choice. He always waved it off with a shrug. “Daniel is just looking out for me. He doesn’t know what’s up, leave him be.” How many people had he beaten at the behest of Chinwe? How many had needed stitches because she said they were rude? What of that boy at the sports complex? She had told him that the boy called her a whore to her face. Mike could still recollect how the boy had begged for mercy and his life. He made sure the boy died painfully. These things were normal to him. He could and would kill a man for ‘talking shit’ to his lady love. Once he had his weed and his vitamins, he was another person entirely. Everyday was another 24hrs to make someone else miserable. Daily, Daniel’s lectures and taunts were starting to rile him and it was inevitable that matters would come to a head. It was just a question of when. Then, out of the blues, one day it happened. Chinwe was visiting that day, and just finished wrapping some weed for them to smoke, when Daniel walked in. “So this is why you have refused to come for classes? You are here with this girl that has put her evil spell over you. Is this what your parents sent you here to do?” Chinwe hissed and spat at him. “Mind yourself oga, before you say what you will regret.” Mike just turned away, fuming. Not deterred, Daniel continued talking, calling her names, branding Mike a killer. News of what mike had done in the sports complex had been whispered around the campus until it got to his ears. “So you killed somebody innocent because of this hoe?” With a cry of anger, Chinwe picked up a bottle and smashed it on his head. He collapsed in a heap, bleeding profusely. “What did you do that for?” Mike asked. Chinwe just laughed and walked out of the room. Groggily, Daniel got to his feet and looked at them, blood pouring from the cut. “So you are here and she did this to me right? You will regret your today.” Mike stood up angrily and followed Chinwe out of the house. Later that night, the silence of their room was shattered by loud voices and bright lights. It was the Police. Mike was trussed up and immediately handcuffed. His rights were read to him and he was bundled into a waiting police van. He was seething. He knew what had happened, Daniel had reported to the police. Daniel was the enemy. He had to pay….

To be Continued

Writer still remains @marcelloz007


The Butcher (Episode 5)

The rain was getting in his eyes. The two ‘soldiers’ beside him, Tope and Solo were shivering from the cold. Mike was shivering too…with anticipation. They had waited for 2 hours under the rain. 2 days of careful surveillance and discrete questions had gotten them invaluable information. Makamba usually visited Chinwe at nights around 7pm. On these visits, his trusted lieutenants, Bullet and Kwame accompanied him. They would wait inside the compound, beside a big water tank until he was done. Mike and company had been told to anticipate that Makamba and his men would be armed. Storming the compound was definitely out of the question then. He looked at Tope, shaking like a leaf and sneered. “Pull yourself together and stop shaking like an old woman.” Tope was about to reply when all hell broke loose. The gate of the compound opened and Solo fired first. He missed. Bullet drew his gun and fired. Mike felt something zip past him and immediately returned fire, hitting bullet in the thigh. Tope, shell-shocked, turned to run and caught a hail of bullets from Makamba. He was dead before he hit the floor. Solo fired again and this time, hit Kwame in the throat. Bullet, shot through the thigh, was losing blood fast. The bullet had gone through his femoral artery. He was as good as dead already, his gun, of secondary importance to him. Makamba, seeing he was outnumbered, retreated into the relative security of the compound. Solo ran in after him, Mike, hot on his heels. The first bullet felled Solo and another grazed Mike’s arm. But he was invincible that night. An avenging angel. Drawing a bead on Makamba, he shot him in the stomach. Silence. Mike paused to look at Solo. In the dim light, his eyes were already glazing over. It was just him and Makamba left. He walked slowly to where Makamba lay, groping painfully in the dark for his gun. Mike stood over him and kicked him, so he lay, face up. “Look at me and remember my face. Tell Lucifer I sent you to hell, you bastard!” Then he shot him through the eye. A strange and not unpleasant thrill went through him. He felt like a god right at that moment…untouchable…powerful…strong. A furtive noise got his attention,so he looked up, and saw the devil. Chinwe was standing in the doorway leading into the hostel. She was staring at him. Mike moved closer and saw she had her usual mocking smile plastered on her face. She had on a sheer nightie and it was completely see through. In spite of the carnage that had just taken place, he felt himself get hard. Chinwe walked up to him and touched the bulge through his trousers. “Fuck me, big boy. Fuck me here and now” she moaned. And so he took her. Roughly. Harder than he had ever done it to anybody. The harder he went, the louder her moans, interspersed with laughter filled the night. Not a door opened, not a single room light came on. The neighbors were in their rooms, terrified. When they were spent and the last throes of passion washed over them, Mike looked at Chinwe and smiled. It was complete. He had killed his ‘rival’ and taken his woman, just like in the days of old. He turned away and made the call to Jay. “It is done.” And then he walked away…

To be continued

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The Butcher (Episode 4)

And we back….
Let’s see what happens next

He could not remember how he got to the floor. The salty taste of blood filled his mouth, his ears ringing from repeated slaps. Dimly, his mind registered the shapes and forms of his assailants when a kick from Makamba, mercifully put him to sleep. Waking up in the hospital, he saw the anxious faces of his friends, looking at him. Daniel handed a piece of paper to him, but he was too weak to sit up to read, and put it under his pillow. A full week passed and Mike was discharged from the hospital, the severe beating he received, firmly imprinted in his mind. Back at the hostel, people seemed to go out of their way to avoid him. The word had been passed round. He was a pariah. To be avoided, as everyone on Makamba’s hit list should be. Disillusioned and weak with fright, he walked to the University’s sports complex and sat down under an orange tree…close to some students kicking a ball about. He had never really liked football. He thought it pointless, people chasing a small piece of leather, making a fool out of themselves. Mike thought about the whole thing. Thought about Chinwe, wondering where she was. He was still absorbed in his thoughts when he noticed a slim youth coming to stand by him. “Hey bro” he heard. “Name’s Jon-jon, but peeps know me as Jay.” He stretched out his hand. “I’m Mike.” Jay smiled, “I know who you are, the whole school is talking about you. You’re the one Makamba and his boys messed up on bonfire night.” Noticing the wave of shame washing over Mike, Jay laughed and said “nor worry about that again. Most people don collect for dem hand.” Mike looked closer at Jay, noticing for the first time, the long scar that ran down the left side of his face. “Haha! Bros, you dey sample my scar? Na small thing. Dis one na battle scar.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Battle scar? From where? Are you a soldier sir?” Jay laughed even harder. “Yes, I’m a soldier, and if you like, I can make you a soldier. Show you the way to make sure something like this never happens to you again. Make people fear your name and show you what real power is. Just dey with me and I go regulate things for you.” He had heard of cultists in school and their ways of recruitment. He hadn’t ever thought of it, deep down, he was a coward at heart and hated the thought of being weak. Joining a cult was the last thing he’d dreamed he would do and he had it on the tip of his tongue to say no, when he remembered what was written on the note Daniel handed him. “This is just a taste. I will frustrate your life in school… – Makamba.” His heart hardened. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Mike turned to Jay and said “I am ready bros. Show me the way.” Lifting his hands up and laughing, Jay looked straight at him and smiled, a cold, impersonal smile. “Meet me behind black market on thursday by 11pm. The spot where they burn rubble. Tell no one about this, and come with ten thousand naira.”
� �2 days passed. It was thursday. He had been too excited to do anything most of the day, paying little attention during lectures. That’s how he found himself walking with not a little trepidation, into the darkness behind the school black market. The stench assailed his nostrils before his eyes found what the source was. A compact circle of boys, naked to the waist stood around a miniature coffin. “You’re late!” hissed a masked apparition to his left. He knew the voice. “I’m sorry Ja-” Gbosa!!! The slap brought stars to his eyes. “No names in politics! I am Atete! Take off your shirt and join those maggots there!” He didn’t need to be told twice. Stripped, just the way the others were, he stood amongst them, trembling more from fear than the cold. He could anticipate what was coming. Who didn’t know the stories talking about the beatings during initiation? Mike gritted his teeth at last. The die was cast. He would take it like a man. He would not beg for mercy. The first lash of the whip shook his resolution. The second removed any last vestige of decorum or prestige remaining. He joined the others in a shrieking mass on the floor. The whipping continued for another 10mins then it was done. Gathering around the smelly coffin, they were made to smear their bodies with the filth inside. Jay walked around the new recruits with a smile on his lips. “Blood in, blood out is our motto! You will be divided into 3 groups! Each group must claim the scalp of a rival gang member. Gentlemen, there are 9 of you. I want to see 3 bodies within a week. Crazy grenade will prepare you and give you what you need. Go now and rest well.” Wearily, Mike walked back in silence to his room, sneaking in stealthily so as not to wake his neighbors. He had done it! He was connected now, well maybe not yet. There was still the matter of the body he would have to present. He had only one name on his mind…Makamba.

To be continued

And the writer still remains, yours truly @marcelloz007


The Butcher (Episode 3)

And we’re back…..

She was dressed to kill. A black figure-hugging dress that stopped well above her knees, a glass of some sort of alcohol in her hand. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in a different way. Alcohol would do that to a person. Mike mumbled a greeting, the warning he got, still fresh. A faraway part of his mind registered the song the dee jay had on…some tune made popular by the crazy gyration-themed dance that accompanied it. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Daniel shaking his head. He was about to find some excuse to move to the other side of the bonfire when she said “let’s dance sugar.” Before Mike could muster any form of protestation, he was being gently dragged into a throng of people dancing. Chinwe flung the drink into the fire, glass and all. He had always prided himself on being a great dancer and tonight would not be an exception. Throwing caution to the wind, he seized her by the waist, molding her lithe form against him, thrusting his pelvis forward in an aggressive manner. Chock full with alcohol, she matched him step for step, dancing like a crazed vixen. How long the dance would have gone on, he had no idea, lost as he was in her tight embrace, inhaling her scent, getting giddy with excitement. He could hear her breath quicken and he felt familiar stirrings of arousal within his loins. “This is heaven” he thought…and completely gave in to the wave of euphoria enveloping him. Then the music stopped and an ominous hush descended on the crowd. Looking up, he could make out the silhouette of a brawny figure striding towards them. Still enraptured, he leaned forward, quizzical smile on his face to greet the stranger. Recognition. “Makamba!” His brain screamed and he tried to melt into the floor. “Who is this small boy, Chinwe and why are you dancing with him?” Bristling at the tag ‘small boy’, Mike puffed out his chest and attempted to speak. The slap, unexpected, brought tears to his eyes. “Bullet! Daggers-one! Kwame! Show this jew wetin dey sup.” Three ape-like beings appeared like magic and stood just behind him. “My friend, march to that mango tree! Sharp sharp!!” Looking around, silent plea in his eyes for help from anybody, Mike noticed no-one was looking directly at him. He turned to Chinwe and found her eyes shining more…this time with excitement. The tip of her tongue was against her upper lip and she was looking at the whole scene strangely…with a sort of perverse enjoyment. His shoulders sagged and he let himself be led away to the mango tree, like a lamb to the slaughter….

To be continued

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Diary of a Time Traveler (Episode 3)

And we’re back
Sorry for the Delay
Let’s get back to the story

They called it a chopper. It felt like I was in a small plane. The seats were so comfortable. They had this cool fiery design..
“Alfred, please remind me again how I got these seats?”
“Sir, it was custom hand made sir, by an italian design label , Versace”
“Holy sh*t…. That’s so……”
Oh! yea right, I’m a billionaire, no biggie, I still felt like a young man trying to hustle his way. It was obvious my memory wasn’t back to normal cause I couldn’t remember much things. Didn’t know the city where my house was, couldn’t even remember much of my research lab either. It was all blurry in my mind.
“Where we heading again, Alfred?”
“Angelo-tech, Sir” “Its at Texas, sir”
“Texas? Where we coming from?”
“New york city sir”
“How come I didn’t see Lady Liberty?”
“She was moved sir, due to some man-made teutonic activities around that area, she was gonna collapse, but the GAV1 created by angelo-tech was used to lift Lady Liberty to a new location. The machine controls gravity, its strong enough to move the moon”
I had that Mr Bean look when it finished talking
“Say what? Wow.. That’s some great sh*t”
“Can’t wait to get to HQ and get you checked”
My memory still wasn’t all that clear. Why couldn’t I remember most things. But I remember my wife, Alexis; (oh, that ass), well just some flashes. Then it hit me, how could all these be possible within 12 years? Something wasn’t right. Well I was going to be checked, let me just sit and enjoy the ride.
“We’re here sir”
“Are u f**king kidding me”

Didn’t take up to 30mins, that’s some fast helicopter looking thingy. Pulled the curtains, and look outside for the first time through the flight. It was huge… like a small town, just full of buildings, factories & warehouses.
This was all mine, I felt like smeagol rubbing the gold ring. The chopper finally landed, put on my boss face while I stepped out.
“Welcome back sir”
Just saw two guys dressed in black suits greeting me, that’s when I realized I had two other choppers following mine, they were weapons on them, big ones.
“Dudes in black, Agent J & Agent K”
They both smiled, despite their strong military looking face. Where did that come from? Obviously, I knew these guys very well, was still looking around like a JJC (translation, English, a naïve person in a new environment, Pidgin: New mumu in town)
“Right this way say, Dr. Kane and the medical team are waiting for you in the medical wing”
Walked towards a train like couch, everyone was just smiling and greeting me. I hated greeting people, but for some unknown reasons, I was enjoying it. Strange

The couch started moving, no tyres, no tracks, the darn thing was floating. It didn’t feel like flying, I felt weightless.
“Sir, are you ok?, you acting like its your first time”
“I’m fine, not done this in a while, just peachy”
“Errrm, sir, you were here two days ago”
“Yea, been a long time to me”
Damn, this is not looking good, If I do this often, why wasn’t I used to it. It should be a joy ride.
When it stopped at the medical wing was so happy to get out. More doctor looking guys wearing lab coats were waiting for me, with a wheelchair…. That floats.
“Enough with the floating nah”
“Sir, Dr Kane is ready for you, you left without doing proper test”
I sat down on the floating chair and they took me into the wing, saw Dr. Kane as I entered a large room. Everywhere was pure white, hated it.
“I know you don’t like what I did with the place, you can send me a query later”
“Can we just get on with this, Alex. Me and alexis have some unfinished business”
“Horny bastard”
“Hey, I can fire you, you know”
“Yea, right”
Walked into a capsule, humming sound around me, yep I was being scanned.
“You can get your fat ass up now”
Like seriously, why are we so close, for him to talk to me like this.
“Rex, you temporary amnesia is because of your recent time jumps”
“Ok explain to me clearly, I can’t even remember when I time jumped”
“When you time jump, no one can actually see you, because we don’t have any anchor to hold you to that reality”
“Ok, go on”
“I hate explaining myself all over again”
“Oh slip you old nerd”
“Every time, you time jump, no one can see you, the aliens that crashed, they had an anchor to this reality. You travel to the future and past freely to get information. Information you’ve used to build this empire”
In my mind I was like “I’m such a bad ass”, I came down, and went for some coffee.
“The thing is when you travel, you created possible realities, as well creating different universes”
I stopped staring the coffee and looked at him, I was feeling like I was Stan Lee’s world, some marvel comic flick.
“Well your jumps don’t disrupt the Time space continuum, its a safe procedure. We think!”
“We think?”
“Yea Yea, anyway, right now, we’ve created over ten thousand different universes with different things happening there. The only way we bring you back is because of your nanamites. They serve as an anchor to this reality”
I have microscopic machines in my body?, felt itchy suddenly.
“You better stop time jumping, every time to jump, it kills your brain, soon you won’t even remember what your name is”
Well, I’ve been there this morning, didn’t feel good at all
“So thanks to your idea, we back up & restore your brain before and after every jump. So let me proceed and restore everything”
“I bet you’ve told me all these before, why not just go straight and restore my memory?”
“Well, as a nerd, I just like talking about it every time, I’m not head of research for nothing”
Laid back on the bed, some white helmet looking thingy landed on my head, was injected with some liquid, then felt relaxed.
“Well, you’re gonna feel some electric shocks, don’t panic, try and be calm”
“Easy for you to say”
“We wanna super charge your nanomites then upload your memories. The nanomites will do the rest, its a one minute procedure”
Well, one minute wasn’t long, can’t wait to get back home, Alexis was the only thing on my mind.

Dr. Kane started the procedure, the shock came, I felt like hitting Alex! Small shock my ass! Hurt like crap! Then I fell into something like a trance, like something I felt this morning when Alexis was talking to me. All the memories were returning, every single detail was flowing back into my head. I had a flight to the moon in two weeks, my cloning project goes public in a month, wedding anniversary in two months, Sasuke’s birthday the next day after that. Then a piece of information that was going to save lives came up, saw destruction, much lives were gonna be lost.
Dr Kane put off the machine, I stood looking at him all shaky
“Is something wrong rex?”
“Oh my God, Two nuclear warheads are gonna go off in Manhattan and Washington DC”…

To be continued

Till next time, still the writer @dante_angelo


The Butcher (Episode 2)

“Excuse me, but you’re stepping on my books” came from behind him. Still self-absorbed in checking the list pasted on the board in front of him, he turned, mild irritation etched firmly on his finely sculpted face. He stared directly into the face of the most beautiful and exquisite creature he had ever seen in his 17years. He was still gawking at her when he noticed her hands pointing downwards. Looking down, his feet were planted on top of a couple of books. Obviously, they must have fallen from her hands and somehow found their way to underneath his shoe. Mumbling an apology, he made to pick them up. Bad move. Their foreheads bumped together as she had the same idea. “Sorry” he muttered again. With a curt hiss, she picked them up and turned to leave. “Wait!” He said. “Don’t you wanna check your results too?” She kept on walking and he had to break into a semi-trot to catch up with her. “My name is Mike, I’m majoring in sociology, may I have the pleasure of knowing whom I address?” Her reply, cool as a cucumber was “Chinwe. Apology accepted.” And that was the beginning…she was in her second year and came to the board to check the results of her younger cousin. Like a faithful lapdog, mike trudged along behind her everywhere she went on that day. When it was time for her to go, he asked her where she stayed. She smiled and told him not to bother, then waved down a bike and left. All he heard her say was “palm estate” and that was it.
He was in love. For the first time in his selfish life, he had seen another human he loved as much as himself, maybe more. Food lost its taste for him. Daily, he went through the motions of attending lectures, always drifting back to the notice board several times to see if he could see her again. Finally, his friends in a fit of despair, asked him what the problem was. In less than 5 minutes, the answer was dragged from his reluctant lips. Hearing him speak, their faces fell. His best bud was a gangly youth, Daniel was his name. Daniel looked somberly at him and said “mike boyo, if its THAT Chinwe you’re talking about, forget her. She’s spoken for and that’s all there is.” This made Mike even more interested and he begged them to tell him where he could find her. “Its like you’re not listening to me oga. Forget that ogbanje girl. Haven’t you heard she’s the girlfriend of Makamba? Bros, forget that girl before you see pepper.” Mike fought back an involuntary shudder. Who had not heard of Makamba? Terror of students, scourge of lecturers? Every fresher had heard the grisly tales. Crossing himself, he made a silent promise to forget about Chinwe and concentrate on fruitful pursuits.
A month passed and it was time for their Inter-faculty games. A bonfire night usually heralded such games, and Mike, Daniel and the last member of the trio of freinds, Omo excitedly stepped out, rocking the latest in mens fashion. He remembered the time. It was a few minutes to 10pm. Dancing merrily to the tunes provided by an obviously inebriated Deejay, his delirious reverie was interrupted by a deft tap on his shoulder. “Hello handsome, remember me?” He turned. It was Chinwe.

To be continued….

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The Butcher

He was dying. He knew this as surely as he knew his name. He was smiling too. Had he not always maintained that a man should meet death willingly, smile on his own face? He had lived his life just the way he liked. Fast, violent, filled with death, women, money and drugs. How many times had he stood over the bodies of his victims, enraptured by the way the spark seemed to go out of their eyes at the end; now, he was about to go the way he’d always envisioned…money in his pocket and a bullet in his chest. Lying there, he wondered if anyone would shed a tear at his passing. His mother he hadn’t spoken to in 5 years perhaps? With tears in her eyes, she had called him a monster, an aberration. A child that should have been still-born or aborted. Mothers. A slight laugh escaped from the corner of his mouth, quickly turning into a dry, soft, painful cough. His carefree life of crime was coming to an end…yet, it hadn’t always been so.
An only child of doting parents, Mike had been born with the proverbial silver spoon. Things little children had wished for were always at his beck and call. Not for him the cast-off toys kids seemed to always get. His parents were always getting him new stuff he never seemed to need. Like that electric train he got when he was 3. Or the bb gun that used bird-shot when he was 5. Ah yes, the gun. How old was he when he turned the gun on their dog, a rusty golden retriever. What was its name again? That’s right, Buster. He had tied up the dog and shot it with the bird-shot until it died. It took 60 or 70 pellets before it had died in pain. He had graduated to killing the neighbors’ pets. The odd cat or dog, here and there…and enjoyed it too.
School was fun for him. Never needing to study too hard, just the minimum required to advance in classes. Shame he couldn’t take the toy gun to school, there were plenty of kids he’d have liked to try it out on.
All that changed when he gained admission into the university. Where he met Chinwe. The girl that would forever seal his fate and set him along the path to destruction. Chinwe with the piercing eyes that seemed to look into a man’s soul…driving him to the edge of despair, to the depths of lust-induced madness…

…To be continued

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Ok I know this was meant to be about the mercurial, important and elite group of superhumans known as The Side Boyfriends.. Bur as is their nature, The less important Side Chicks want to say something… Those ones always want to talk… Well, let’s hear them.. (˘̯˘ )(˘ᵔ˘)( ˘˘̯).

*twerks to the stage* (not like I know how to twerk tho). *bows as the applause roars*
“Ladies and gentlemen (I hope there are), I’m here to give you a lecture about one of the most deluded persons in a relationship! Yeah that’s right! THE SIDE CHICK! No, don’t let your faces fall, This is gonna be hilarious..
So, who is a side chick? A side chick is that girl your boyfriend is always around or the other way round, she’s usually finer, sexier and hotter than we the girlfriends (not all the time though.) and will take almost any bullshit from him. She’s almost always been in his life.
The side chick is girl that helps make sure the relationship sticks like super glue. She makes sure your boyfriend stays nearly satisfied sexually, so you can take all the credit for finishing work. She takes time to listen to him as he builds castles in the air because you are too busy living out your dreams and dreaming some more. And when the pressure is too much he takes it out on her. With the silent treatment and abandonment and all.
I know I said this was gonna be hilarious but its actually a sad story.. Let me tell you why..
A side Chick is usually dimwitted. She can’t be more intelligent than the original girlfriend, unless you’ll become the original girlfriend and the gods forbid that because she is always going to be that girl that is everything but never good enough. A side chick is a sex goddess. She gets down for her man.. She does all the stuff the real girlfriend won’t do(including… :x).. She is Always available even if its by 3 am on a Monday morning. She is in love.. Totally, but she Never cry or whines. She takes bullshits and cries on her pillow all night praying for the guy that’ll see how awesome she is and give her all the attention she knows she really deserves.
A side chick keeps u oiled and functional. When you need that extra burst of energy, she’s there to give it to you. She tolerates your bullshit when your girlfriend can’t handle it. She doesn’t pry. i.e she doesn’t care about your past or future. (No pressure). You never have to worry about proclaiming your love for her because she knows her place. She craves it all her life buh she can’t ask.. For fear of losing you. By reason of her heroics, your real girlfriend never has a problem with you (unless she discovers then its World War 3). You proclaim your love all the time for your real girlfriend and she’s chilled about it. Side chicks help you realize how important your real girlfriend is to you. (That’s why they are an important person in a relationship… In their own way)
Being a side chick is the worst thing that can happen to a lady…
She will struggle for love. (She’s a human being). She will make you spend triple. Buh she’ll accept whatever she’s given. She resorts to blackmail you by claiming to know you more than the real girlfriend does. And most times she’s correct. But you don’t give a flying fuck!
She will be the ruin of you because real girlfriends can smell basic hoes from 500miles. She will make the real girlfriend distrust their man. (i.e if she’s caught). She will turn them into nagging girlfriends thereby causing terrible migraines to the poor guy. She pays for it in countless ways though.. If you know what I mean..*wink*
*closes book with a loud thud* This is before I go.. I would like to leave you with three wise sayings…
1. (For guys) Success is the ability to keep your side chick and your girlfriend completely away from each other. – Albert Einstein
2. (For girls) When your man comes home whistling don’t ask him “why are you whistling?” Ask him “who taught you how to whistle?” – Italian proverb
3. (For side chicks) Stay where you are kept and there will be no problem abound. – Me.
Thanks for listening/reading.

*twerks out*

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Cupid’s Joke (Final Episode??)

Good to be back, so where was I…

“Do you miss me? ‘Cos I do”
 “Yes but you just locked me out”
“Errrr… I was hurt, you weren’t there when I needed you, you didn’t care”

Now I beginning to sound like a girl. Well that’s me.
“Baby, I’m sorry, let’s start all over”

That was not the only time I heard those words; it became a natural occurrence. We got back together though, but we were still shaky, the woman of my life was slipping off my grip. There was an abyss in between us that couldn’t be crossed easily. The bridge between was weak and needed repairs. The same cupid that shot me was pouring oil on my hand, preventing me from holding on. Was the universe trying to tell me something? Was she my soul-mate or not? Was I the “summer side boyfriend”? These private school girls are known to have “school boyfriend” & “holiday boyfriend” but I didn’t want to share, I could fight anybody for her (PS: don’t believe that fight part)

Months passed and it was almost our anniversary, I was just a happy bunny, like really, my first relationship that was going to be a year old. Wow, it felt great! But we weren’t in good terms and I guess it was the distance. I felt some guy was touching her mind there, but I was still hopeful. The day came, funny I didn’t bring it up before, but I was expecting her to remind me, but “Na there my ball jam bar”… (Translation, that’s when the ball I kicked hit the woodworks).
There I was mopping, waiting for happy anniversary love that never came. I felt like crying (At this point, I felt like a girl, my manhood was questioned). Usually, it’s the girly thing to remember anniversaries; this is when I realized I was “the one who loved too much”. (Not a bad name for a new story). I downloaded Michael Bolton songs to help with the heartbreak. I decided to put a PM on the BBM, “happy anniversary babe”. Sent an IM too, and the reply was “Same to you”. I just went into the bathroom, put on the shower, and…you know the rest please don’t make me say it.

I loved too much, didn’t believe boys could experience heartbreaks like that. I was tired, and couldn’t take it anymore. It was just too much, had to let go. Broke up with her and at first she sounded like she didn’t care, then when I deleted her from my phone the text that followed kinda eased the pain, funny. It changed from the Crixus kinda replies to  Snow White replies. She didn’t want me out of her life, coming from someone who didn’t care when I ended the relationship (Women are just confusing). Me, I didn’t care, I was tired of loving, they said it was fun in movies, somebody lied. To me, the universe had spoken and I’ll follow what she has to tell me. It wasn’t easy though…. Now it feels like I’m venting, oh well. Months that followed weren’t easy, I felt less a man, women came around me, I won’t just take them serious, in my mind, its gonna happen all over again. I pushed the “date-ables” away and drew the “friendzoned” girls closer. It helped, I felt better.

But it wasn’t the end, they say “True love always find its way home”. And yea, she came back, “what do you see in me?” I’ll always ask, she couldn’t give an answer. It was unexplainable. We were two people who could be separated yetevery time we were together, we seemed to forget the past and move on. (Now I’m getting all emotional). She couldn’t be forgotten, neither was I. Only love can’t make a relationship, understanding & trust comes in handy too. Are we still together? Are we gonna grow old together? Are we gonna be together till our dying breathe? More importantly, is she my soulmate? (Yea, I believe in stuff like this).

This is actually an Open letter to Cupid, All I can say is thank you. We learn everyday, and I’ve learnt a lot. Love is a beautiful thing; it will make you happy and sad at the same time. You can’t force it, it flows freely.  Loving the wrong or right person, love still remains the same, just the individual differs. So all I can say is Thank you. I’ve got it covered from here. 


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Diary of A Time Traveler (episode 2)

It was blurry and I couldn’t see properly. I felt water on my face and my vision was getting clearer. Alfred was right beside me, he held a spray bottle with his mechanical hands. Bloody robot. Besides, why was I on the couch? Last I remembered, a gorgeous woman was kissing me. I heard her voice from the kitchen, she was talking to someone over the phone. Walked up to the kitchen and saw a guy dressed in white lab coat, couldn’t really her the conversation, but she sounded worried. She just ended the call as I walked in. She turned and looked at me, with tears in her eyes, folded her arms, looking really sad and depressed. 
“You have been time travelling again, haven’t you? Don’t you care about yourself? Don’t you care about me? I can’t live without you? You want Sasuke to grow without a father?”

Sasuke? Who the hell is that? Just then, flashes of images came streaming in. Meeting a beautiful woman in a beach, getting married, honeymoon in Switzerland & Ireland, in a labour room holding her hands, holding a blue eyed boy, playing him the boy and the dogs.

Alexis, my wife.

Sasuke, my son.

My name is Rex Angelo

I’m a billionaire, I’m a geologist, made my money from mining minerals, I discovered diamonds on one of my lands, deep within the earth, also made a remarkable discovery, Proof of Extraterrestrial existence. It was a space ship, might have crash land thousands of years ago, the ship was made of non-biodegradable alloy. It was have crashed then lava covered it up after a volcanic event. It wasn’t affect by the lava, The ship was easily cut out from the basement complex. Alien like organisms where in the ship, all looking funny, different types. There were not alone, Humanoid creatures were there too. They looked advanced, they had 24 paired chromosomes. They might have been “super humans”. Discovery of a space ship in a basment complex, with seven crew, all preserved, I became very famous, I was the “Man of the Century” within months. The US government provided a facility from me in texas that’s has the best scientists in the world, which I later acquired by buying half of it. There was a bigger discovery, one the world never got to find out. There was a Time traveling device on that ship. It was a secret that couldn’t be let known, because it will change the whole world forever. The last six years of my life has been a blast

“Rex? Rex?!”
Felt a slap on my face, quickly brought me back from my flashbacks.
“Baby, are you ok? Talk to me please”
“How won’t you call me baby after I got you your own private jet?”
She taps my head and kisses me passionately,
“My husband is back” 
We laughed and kissed again, I lifted her onto the kitchen table and she took off my shirt. The room was getting hot. Yea, that happens when two sexy people make out. She whispered “baby, I want you now” and I was about taking off her dress when I heard a boy’s voice.
“Please get a room; I eat on that table you know. Yuck”
Alexis was already laughing, and I was thinking “who be that one?” I was already hard like crazy. 
“Honey, stop. Not in front of Sasuke”
Oh shit, that was my son; he looked so much like me except he had his mom’s eyes. He was a fine kid, about 10. This boy will kill ’em girls. 
“Come here son, come give your dad a hug?”
“Ewwww, dad, I’m no longer a kid, you know?”
“Doesn’t matter, you’re still my baby boy”
“Ewwwwww, cut it out” 
He laughs like me, he was my carbon copy. He walked over, I kneeled with one leg and hugged my son.
“Missed you dad, Budapest was boring”
“Missed you too Sasuke, my boy”
“How are your Ninjustu skill now?”
Then he yelled “Smoke bomb!!!”
He threw a ball, it exploded and thick black smoke filled that spot he was standing. It cleared after some seconds and then I heard him yell from his room;
“Dad, I’m pretty good now”
Wow, that was some good ninja skill, I paid a fortune to get a Ninjustu master train him. Master Raizen was a former assassin I saved when he got washed up at my beach house in Malibu. He wanted to quit, but the people he worked for didn’t want that and tried to get him killed. He had his revenge, but came back to me and swore an oath never to kill again, because he owed me his life. With my help, he opened a martial arts school and trained young kids martial arts & disciple. My boy was good. Raizen became a close friend.

“Rex you should go to the HQ, Doctor Kane said you needed to be checked. I won’t let what happen the last time repeat itself. I’m your wife, I’ll kill myself and torment you in the afterlife”
“Alexis, I’ll be fine, I won’t die”
Die? What was this woman talking about? My memory was still foggy.
“Alfred, he’s ready to go HQ now”
The robot strolled in, and the hologram appeared again
“Ok sir, I’ll be waiting in the helipad”
The hell? This robot can fly a chopper? Wait. I have a chopper? Duh, I’m a billionaire.
I kissed Alexis and walked out of the kitchen, down to the parlour. Then she yelled
“Baby, the helipad is upstairs, on the roof”
I paused and looked stupid, my memory wasn’t still back
“I knew that”
“Sure you did”

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Diary Of A Time Traveler

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My “Harlem Shake” alarm tone went off. Darn! Is it 7am already? It was Saturday, why did I set alarms on a weekend? Turned off the alarm, stretched, said a 20sec prayer, did some push ups (3 actually), then stepped out of my room. It was a cold night and I had my sock on; brushed my teeth while I took a dump, showered, and used all three of my Axe body sprays. Then I paused while putting on my clothes. Something was wrong. Why am I getting ready? Where am I going too? My head was blank, couldn’t remember anything. What was happening? My room looked different. Very different. This wasn’t my room. The room looked great though. Big bed, with anime/manga pictures and graffiti on the wall. Basically, everything I wanted in a room was there, but last I remembered, my room just had a bed, and extension to charge my phones & laptop. Something was wrong. I pushed the curtains and saw the sea; I jumped like a shinobi & landed on the floor. The sea? Like what am I doing here? Last I remembered, my house was in a dead area somewhere in Lagos mainland. I felt wozzy and tried to remember what had happened. Then my phone started ringing. 

Now I just noticed my phone was kinda transparent, it looked high tech like something from the future. I didn’t know how to even answer the damn thing.  I walked into my bathroom and it looked funny. The tech in there was so out of this world. Why didn’t I notice all these? My subconscious? Ok, this was crazy. Walked down the stairs to the parlor, I had a fountain right there. It was a statue of Natsu, Ichigo & Naruto. Ok definitely, this was my house. It was a glasshouse, on about a 50-story building. It was actually the penthouse. Then a funny looking robot crawled up to me and greeted me “Good Morning Mr Angelo”
I flew behind the sofa arming myself with something that looks like a remote. Guess I pressed a button and the whole lights came on. Holy crap! My crib is off the hook. The robot brought me back from cloud 9

“Sir, your CEO of Angel-tech has been trying to reach you all morning. Should I get your phone for you”

I was still shocked. I just said “Yes” because it seemed the right thing to say and within seconds the robot was back with my phone. It was still ringing. I pressed the green button to pick it. Then it started floating. Then a hologram image appeared. It was a funny half-caste looking guy. Didn’t know who he was but just decided to play along. 

“Hello, Mr Angelo, how are you feeling today?”
“I’m fine, I’m good, how can I help you?” He looked at me funny, 
“Sir, just wanted to know how you were feeling, what with just coming through the time travel gate. I hope you’re ok?”

Time travel? Huh? Like what the hell this did weird looking dude just say?
“Can I call you back?” I quickly responded. He was beginning to suspect something was wrong and I didn’t like the way he looked at me.
“Mr Shaw, I’ll call you back, I’m busy” 
“Ok sir, we’ll see in the office later today then”
“Yea, whatever”
I heard him whisper the word “Asshole”. Didn’t care, for some reason, I didn’t like this guy, and I’m sure he knew too. Mr Shaw? How did I know his name?
I looked at the robot, I saw “Alfred 2.2” on its body. I called its name, then a hologram of an almost old man appeared. I almost jumped again, but controlled myself.
“What year is this, Alfred?”
“Are you ok sir?”
That felt insulting, and I started to get really pissed.
“Should I call the medic sir? She asked me to put electronic eyes on you. You don’t look good sir, seems you saw a ghost”
Says the hologram image talking to me. I think it was just the Scottish accent was just helping this robot; I would have squashed it head since with the vase right beside me. 
“Forget Alfred, just go on and do your thing”
“Ok sir. By the way, its 17 March 2025”
I sat slowly on the chair, 2025? Where did 12 years of my life go? Last I remembered it was 2013. What the hell was happening? Was this a joke? I touched my face, it felt so smooth, and my hair was really curly. I ran up back to the bedroom, walking into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. I was looking awesome, so at 35, I’m looking this great? Wow. Then I heard footsteps, it sounded like a woman’s, a woman in heels. My woman? 
Rushing down the stairs, I first saw the shape, the morning sun shone behind her, what a beautiful being. The coke bottle shape was a killer. In my mind I was like “Score!!!!”. Then she flips her hair, takes of her heels then walks up to me, she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She kissed me passionately and said “Baby, I’m home, missed you like crazy, Budapest was boring without you” I looked at her, then I fainted…

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Hello world!! It’s a bright looking day. Hope we’ve all been good. OK enough. I’m really not that nice. What’s with all the niceties? Let’s get on with the issue of the day. *clears throat*So today we’re gonna be talking about one of the greatest wonders of the world. One of the most awesome phenomena ever to surface this spherical earth… today we roll out the drums for……….. The Side Boyfriends!!! It’s gonna be a two-part lecture so get out your notepads.



Who is a side boyfriend? You know that dude, slightly cuter than your boyfriend, almost everything you want in a man, not so rich but can afford stuff. Single but not really searching. Has ladies around him like flies to shit. You’d do anything for him (except break up with your boyfriend), a god in bed *wink*, he seems to know everything. You love him but can’t be with him. Yeah. The most awesome guy to ever grace your pathetic life……….. That is your side boyfriend. He knows the right time to call and when to stay away. He knows when to be serious and when to make jokes. He knows when to be possessive and when to act as if you don’t exist and what more? He’s a sex god. What else could a lady want more? (Besides an actual boyfriend, that is).
The side boyfriend is an escape. From the hassles and stress of a real relationship. He might have his own relationship but that wont stop him from being there for you when you need him the most. He shall never leave thee nor forsake thee. He’s always there on the side for you. He thinks of himself as a god. But there are nights that are so cold that he wishes you were in his arms and not your boyfriends. On those nights the side boyfriend is taught a lesson on the importance of a real relationship. A true side boyfriend would never divulge this. In the morning he’s cool and collected again. He has this special touch that keeps the ladies coming back for more.


Side boyfriends are the reason most relationships last long. The stability a girl needs to wade through her boyfriend’s bullshit. They provide an outlet for the bottled anger and emotions. Ladies call them to report their boyfriend’s errors. If the main boyfriend isn’t able to get them there sexually, he is there to lend a helping hand, or ahem…you know. They always have an answer to the problems. They always know what to say. They don’t struggle for attention. They get it naturally. But no one knows what they have been through. Or are going through…This brings me to the second point of the day. Before anyone can be a successful side boyfriend, he must have been through at least one painful break up. Only then can they be initiated into this world of endless possibilities and cruise. Only then can they realize the usefulness of true love and commit themselves to helping everyone to achieve it albeit by unorthodox means. A side boyfriend looks beyond his need for attention to help ladies achieve their life dreams (which weirdly enough seems to be to have a stable relationship). We all know that for something to be stable there must be a stress point and a release point. Simple explanation. Stress represents the boyfriend’s bullshit, drama, inadequacy or any form of unwholesomeness that causes you stress. The release point is the side boyfriend’s impact of covering such lapses with his awesomeness thereby ensuring a stable relationship. Side boyfriends guarantee the stability of relationships just by their presence. Their impact is felt. They don’t struggle… like side chicks… Those one’s struggle is almost spiritual. Struggle for attention. Struggle for love. Struggle for money. Struggle for care. Struggle for everything. You will feel as if they are cursed!! No!! These dudes do not struggle. They get it naturally because they deserve it naturally… so we’ll move over to the advantages of being a side boyfriend. Side boyfriends have one particular and all mighty benefit. Wait for it……… “They enjoy all the perks of a relationship but they don’t have to sacrifice anything or make any commitment as consideration”- Nelson Mandela.
They get all the attention, all the sex, all the care, all the money, EVERYTHING!! But they don’t have to make any commitment in return. Ladies in relationships can’t do without them. Relationships would last longer when they are present.

I know you want to know more about the operation of this elite group of men. but as our nollywood brothers would tell you……….


Watch out for part 2!!!!

*to God be the glory*


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Cupid’s Joke (Episode 4)

So… Let’s get on with the story

My head was reeling and different thoughts were flying through.
First, I was angry at her accusing me of cheating. Second, I thought I actually cheated unconsciously (it could happen, right?). I was so confused that couldn’t utter a word. Regardless, I just had to make sure she wouldn’t believe I cheated. So, I started with all the “lyrics” that I could come up with. It wasn’t working; she was a stubborn one. She didn’t even eat much (after the stress of going out to get food!) That scared me. Had to shift my gear to “Begging Mode”. The funny thing is, I hadn’t even looked at my phone to see the text, just wanted to beg and get over it.
She left that day and kept on with the “I’ve heard” talk… Annoying shii.
Later in the night, I checked the text… It was from a girl that calls me her “bestie” (that one is another story on its own). I couldn’t stop laughing. Called her to tell her and she didn’t find it funny at all. Then I remembered that I forgot to mention it to her. Another wahala started… But honestly, women get wahala.

We got over the issue though, but deep down, it hadn’t passed. She never trusted me again, I changed from the “innocent boy” to “player No 1”. This is where my “mumu button” came in full effect. I always did everything to please her, always went the extra mile. Just for her to trust me again. She would soon leave for school, didn’t want any boy to chance me. I just had to… she meant a lot to me. Then the worse happened, it was like the Titanic hitting the iceberg.
No one saw it coming.

It was just a terrible half of the year. Everything wasn’t working out, I felt lost, depressed, and everything was going wrong. We call this situation “E don red”… I needed someone to lean on; I was falling, drowning in my depression. She wasn’t there. It was like I was trying to sit on a chair and right when I lowered myself, it was removed and I didn’t know it. Then, *Splat* you’re on the floor. Wondering what just happened? The chair was just right there…

She was far from me, I needed her so badly, calls and IMs weren’t enough. I needed to see her, and just for her to tell me its gonna be ok. I became too demanding, I wanted her to talk to me every minute of the day. Just to hear her voice. But, something was different, she was not the girl I fell for, she was someone else. I started feeling like “the summer break boyfriend”; it was heartbreaking. We couldn’t even keep a convo for up to a minute, it was so flat. I’m the boring type, always the guy who needs the push, seemed she was tired of pushing. What did I do wrong? All I did was to love her. When did loving someone be the wrong thing to do? I decided to give her space, but within days, it became an abyss.

She texted me one day that she was tired of everything and that she wanted to end it with me. I couldn’t eat for two days. I was dealing with my problems already, this just made it worse. Funny enough, I took it quite well (or I was lying to myself, who knows). Everyone else was smiling, happy and enjoying their relationships, but me… I was the loner. There was this girl that loved me die, but I couldn’t take her serious, just thinking about it made me crazy. So I decided to give it a try, yep, big mistake. Do you know how terrible it is when you’re with someone, and you can’t stop calling her the other person’s name? Trust me, it can make them hate you for life. Well, hate is an understatement of what this babe felt for me. I kept wondering if I were in her shoes, I would have handled it a lot worse. It was that bad

When thinking back to everything that happened, its quite a sad story. Yeah, “quite”. I’ve never had luck in relationships, that Cupid keeps on screwing me. Is loving someone too much of a bad thing? When the other person realizes you love them more, you tend to be taken advantage of. Saying you love someone just because they love you is one of the most painful & hurtful thing you can do to someone. I wish I could go back in time to change and make some amends, but what’s done, is done.

So I’m just sitting in my room, sipping some Viju choco, listening to music in the dark. Then I get a text message, well, my initial guess was Airtel their annoying SMS and I didn’t want to check my phone. Then for a fleeting second I thought; “credit alert, please” (don’t we all?) It was a number that wasn’t saved in my phone, but looked very familiar. It said “Do u miss me? I miss u”
In my mind, I was like “cupid has been a sneaky little devil” *big grin*

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Cupid’s Joke (Episode 4)

Crush of Life

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So here I was on a something between cloudy and sunny day at the Ikeja City Mall. I went there in search of anything to ease my mood. Anything at all. I had been in this foul mood since my mom dropped a bomb on me. Since I wasn't going there for any serious thing. I dressed casual; my worn out jeans and an arm less top and my slippers. 

Immediately I stepped through the revolving doors I almost wanted to run back! It was like a sale was taking place. There were people EVERYWHERE!!!!!! You know how irritating that can be… Even on a normal day when I was in a good mood, that amount of people would have put me in a foul mood. *SMH* Getting ice cream from KFC was a big problem. I mean do people really have to eat ice cream as much as I do? Well, probably. I finally made it to the front line and the waiter had the nerve to tell me ice cream was finished! I mean, of all days! The look I shot him was enough to express how I felt. There was no need to talk. 'Fine' I said to myself 'I'll go watch a movie'. Thankfully, there were only three on the line. As I stood in line, I observed the girls and boy in front of me. The boy was dressed well though not expensive. He had on a Polo and black jeans with shoes to match the polo. I was particularly drawn to him because he was on the phone and I liked the way his mouth was moving. ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯. The talking mouth stopped moving just as someone tapped his back. I noticed this because this person brought along a wisp of expensive cologne. It was almost magnetic. My head turning towards the smell was a knee jerk reaction. I couldn't have stopped it even if I wanted to. The sight that greeted me was balm to my sour mood and I found myself smiling. He was dressed so causal he made me feel like my outfit belonged in a banking hall. He wore a simple black vest and khaki shorts and had on slippers. He had the look of a teenager but u could see just by the way he interacted with his friend that he was no teenager. I kept on studying him and made sure I bought the same movie ticket he was buying. 

By the time I got into the cinema the movie had already started so I had to strain my eyes a little bit so I could see where he was sitting. I planted myself next to him. What's the use of leaving a sit in between us? He must have wondered how fate brought us together again. Or at least that's what I thought. The movie continued but I didn't bother watching. My face was fixed on the screen but my eyes were watching him. As a sharp gurl. I must give him number. With the little light provided by the cinema, I studied his features. He had black, shining, curly, hair. He had let it grow into a little bit afro. He had full eyebrows (I could only see one eye) and long eye lashes. I was melting at this point. (Only melting o! Pervs!) His lips were full and pouted. <3<3

Well, this was what I was doing throughout the movie. Thank God I didn't have to pay extra #500. Before the movie finished, I had planned my strategy. Finally the movie finished and it was time to put my plan into action. I left my seat before he stood up and walked towards the doors, when I heard his voice (of course, I had bin listening to he and his friends talk all through the movie) right behind me, I came to an abrupt halt so that he slammed into me. YES! My plan had worked! But what I didn't plan was my face colliding with the floor. Apparently, he was stronger than I gave him credit for. By the time he picked me up, I was too hurt to even be happy. He was quite a gentleman. He sat me in one of the chairs and made a call. Finally he talked to me. I was all smiley.  
  "I'm sorry about that, truly sorry. I promise you are going to me alright. My fiancée is a nurse and she'll come see that u are not hurt." The smile that was forming on my face disappeared FAST!!!!!
What the hell was he talking about? Fian what??
He continued talking but I was no longer listening. He had a fiancée and I went as far as getting injured just to get his attention. I felt STUPID and EMBARRASSED!!!!! 
Till my next embarassing story..
Am out!
Peace! :*

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Cupid’s Joke (Episode 3)

Its really all fun & games till you fall in love.

My cousin calls me “Hopeless Romantic”, I googled it and it says “One who’s in love with love”. I watch too many movies & but I hate romance novels (duh, I’m a guy). I still don’t get it. Oh well, back to how cupid screwed me (this should have been a good title though)

Still on the “2go era”, we were always talking, laughing, sharing funny pics ati be be lo. I was happy, a very happy guy at that moment. She was the only one I called, and the only one that calls me, (well, she’s a girl, other guys will call her… Bleh). Sometimes, I get the flashback of the day I left her house, I’m not used to smiling, but that day…. I had that big smile; lasted for days. Yes, I’ve got a pretty girlfriend, it was like scoring an extra time goal on PES12 (at that time).

I still remember my thoughts on how I’ll try not to screw this up. I’ll have to bend myself to make her happy. Was I doing the right or wrong thing? I don’t know. I didn’t care. I had feelings for someone, and I liked every bit of it.

Then we started talking about past relationships, this is when I handed to her my “Mumu button”. Her past relationships was not a good story; it made her sad when she talked about it. She was very good at not showing her feelings, but I could see it in her eyes. For the first time, apart from my sisters, I was feeling a female’s pain. It was up to me, her knight in shining armour, to help her get over it. (At this point, the “mumu button” was no longer in my possession). I told myself I was gonna try make her happy. I felt it was my right. Actually it was, I was her “boo boo”.

We weren’t really a flashy couple, I wasn’t flaunted in public (wipes tears), but who cares? I had her, she called me “boyfriend”, which was enough. She visited my home once in a while, which wasn’t easy, cause she lived far away. Got her into trouble a number of times. I was jobless at that time too, so I got to see her when I could.

She came over one day two months after we started seeing each other. We were alone (duh) in my room, I had cleaned everywhere in anticipation of my baby. She teased me about something and I tickled her to get back at her (Always starts with the tickle). She laughed so hard and I just couldn’t stop staring at her face. Our eyes met and we both knew without even talking what was coming. I leaned over and took her lips in mine. She tasted like berries and mint.

“You taste nice”

“Thanks, its my lip gloss”

I kissed her again and at that moment I never wanted to be away from her. I wanted to never let her away for even one second and at that moment I knew she wanted the same thing. Her lips wandered a bit to my neck and met the very spot. Lol, she got me there and we went on to please each other in ways we possibly could.

We cuddled, talked, teased each other, laughed, it was like heaven. Then she said she loved me.
Yea, she had said it before, through texts and IMs. But she was telling me to my face for the first time and I felt like butter melting. The mushy-ness was off the charts. As in a rush, the doubt train came at my stop. “What does she see in me”? “Why does she love me?” “I’m not rich, no car, I’m not fine…like that”.

I started having mixed feelings. It still haunts me till today. Then I was like, “I hope she doesn’t love me just because I love her?”. My head was saying all this. But my heart was saying “Farabale, she loves you, don’t care about anything else”. That day while talking, we talked about how marriage would be, how many kids and the rest…
Then she said “I want to be the woman to have to your babies”. Honestly, why will you tell a brother that? He’s gonna love you for life. Everything was so perfect. I loved my life and the woman in it.

I wasn’t talking to most of my female friends again. I’m that kinda person that likes the company of females. I actually thought my sexuality was at stake, but it was tested, many, many, many times… Actually, I grew up with women, so I always wanted it like that. Worked well for me though. I had this persistent ex that wouldn’t just free me. When I told her I was dating someone else, the cry eh…. I hate seeing women cry and to make it worse, she was crying in public (mind you, the relationship ended 2 before). I just walked away and at that moment whether she put a curse on me, I really dunno. Then it happened…

She picked my phone one day while she was at my house, went to get food for her (Advert: I’m a great cook o, don’t try me). There I was, shining teeth, walking back with food, the air in the room had changed; something was wrong. Couldn’t think of anything. I’ve been careful, not like I did anything wrong. No matter how I asked, she said everything was fine. I didn’t accept and insisted. Finally, she said she went through my phone, saw some text messages and I used the words “baby” “I love u”.

I felt like I had been doused with cold water…

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Life as i know it

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Its Christmas in a few months! (Don’t look at me like that, we’re almost in August). This is actually fine if you ask me. But all the joy withers away when I remember that I will yet again be subjected to a trip to the Village. Yea, my village. A place called Ikot Ese. A place Semi-civilized, dirty, hell hole that produces one natural resource- boredom! We go almost every year and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it except for the fact that my father is constructing his dream house but how does that concern me? Not like I’m ever gonna relocate to that village. And frankly I don’t think even he is gonna relocate there. The annoying thing is, he doesn’t ask our opinion about how we want to spend the holiday. If you ask me… I FREAKING do not want to go to the village!!!

I know he has his reasons for dragging us by the ear to the village year after year. I sure do hope so. But I must bare my thoughts. My frustration. (I am frustrated hence the Username. Lol!). I mean, when I close my eyes, I see myself walking on the streets of Calabar; taking photographs of the beautiful people and costumes during the festival. Or cruising round the Island, Lekki, in Lagos. Or window shopping @ Beverly Hills or staring @ the Eiffel tower in Paris, or….

Oops! Sorry…I was getting carried away. I’m back now. This is exactly all I’m left with- My Incredible mind! To dream and fantasize and hope it would change someday… but with the kind of father I have I really doubt any change is coming soon. He’s practically a General and our house the barracks. You dare not question his authority else you’ll be subject to martial law! Or @ least that’s how I see it.
We are not allowed to bring friends to the house or go out. When you ask, you get the same response every time. “What are you going out 4?? You have everything you need in this house!” (except a life).We find solace in our gadgets, seeking freedom and fun on screens and not actually having it.

I know you’ll ask, why is she ranting?? And I would answer you. My needs in this life are not that much. Money, a cute boyfriend, beautiful children and most of all… I want FREEDOM. I want to spend holidays with my friends.. I want to dance in clubs with my girls and guys, meet new people, do crazy things! I want to have mad fun!!! *sigh* But I can’t because I have a strict Father… Don’t get me wrong; I understand that he wants to keep me safe from harm. But there are some mistakes I have to make or I won’t learn anything. I will be on my own someday… and I won’t know how to live… And do you know what’s annoying about all this?? I am a 21 year old graduate living with her parents.. Yeah yeah, you’d say in our culture Girls are supposed to live with their parents till they get married… and I’ll tell you to please go back to the era when we all ran about naked in the bush hunting antelopes. We are in the 21st century for crying out very loud! Girls are no longer default prisoners. He should cut me some slack and let me Live a little!!!

And so I look ahead to the upcoming holidays with nothing short of horror in my mind of the things I will be subjected to. And I think of how different my life would have been if I had just a little ounce of freedom. How much more I would love my father. Hell! I might even love going to my village! It’s as serious as that.  *sigh*

This is an appeal to you future parents to please grant your kids a little freedom. Be involved in their lives but not so much that you choke them. Let them see the world because you don’t know it all, you can’t protect them from everything and you can’t provide everything they need in your house. Know their friends both male and female and allow them have safe and harmless friendships with the opposite sex. Don’t drive them to frustration like my parents have done me. Take a second and think. I could have done something drastic like run away or commit suicide.. Don’t shake your head na… it happens! (lol). But seeing how much I love you earthlings and want to grace y’all with my awesome presence for a few more years, I’ll just write out my frustration (bad belle fall inside gutter :p).

 Signing out.

Hugs and Kisses with a Cherry on top :*

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Cupid’s Joke (Episode 2)

Cupid was having fun. IS having fun. Shooting that damned arrow at everyone.
To him, it’s all a joke.

The ocean breeze; it smells so damn good. It massages your soul. My feet in the sand, looking at the sun through my Ray Ban. Yes, I’m where I want to be. My best friends were behind me. Shouting at me to get into the tent, it was about to start. I remembered, the wedding.
My wedding.
The wedding we’d all been waiting for. I walked back with them, all giving me bro hugs. One was like “I would have told you to run by now, marriage is a trap. But dude, I’ve never seen u this happy before”. I was going to be the first to marry among the wolf pack. We all walked into the tent, greeted some people then went straight to the altar. The priest was there waiting. We stood side-by-side, fine guys in white dress shirts & back pants. Looking good, no doubt. By the way, my closest guy had already slept with one of the bride’s maid. Sharp guy! (We all know who this is). I whispered the gist and we all laughed about it. Then the organist began playing. The tune must have excited the butterflies in my tummy because they started moving round my tummy with the speed of light.

The bridal train strolled in, looking beautiful, it was a Caribbean themed wedding. Cost me a lot, but she was worth it. The rose on the floor smelled nice, there were daisies everywhere. It was perfect. The wedding planner did a good job. Then, all of a sudden, doubts started rushing in; what am I doing? Am I ready for marriage? Will I be a good husband & father? Will I have time for my wife? Will I cheat on her? It became hot, like it was 7pm, we were on a beach and my heart was beating so fast, I could dance to it. I was seriously sweating. I became dizzy. Everywhere started to spin. My glasses had started to blur. The sweat already trickling down. Then I got a tap from behind, saw a hankie, then I heard “Dude, wipe yourself up, your angel is on her way”. I cleaned my glasses, wore them back and looked up, and the world paused for a minute.

Yes, she was an angel. She walked towards me and I couldn’t hear anything. I felt numb. Shit! I was in love. I adjusted my tie. My hands were shaking. She was already in front of me, she took my hands & I stopped shaking. The sweat dried up.
Damn… “Kilon suppin’?”
It was like a baby angel was playing Bryan Adams “Heaven” with his harp right on my shoulders. Yes, she was my angel. She was my heaven. I took off her veil & kissed her. The priest went
“Bros, wait nah, we neva start”.
Laughter filled the tent. Then, Tosin Martins “Olo mi” started playing. It was my phone, and my ringtone. As I was about reaching to get my phone from my pocket, she kissed me again and said
“Don’t worry babe, we’ve got each other”
I looked at my phone again, she was the one calling, I was like
“The F*ck? Huh?”

Then I woke up. My Rottweiler was licking my face. I jumped up like a Ninja faced with death! Like what the hell just happened? Where’s my beautiful wedding? Where’s my bride? I looked around… A bed. Oh no, don’t tell me… Dream? Argggghhh! I was vexed, threw my pillow. Then the phone rang again, immediately my temper died. Like it went splat… It was she, the bride from my dream. Yes, I was slowing drifting back into reality. That dream felt so real, I could smell the ocean, errr…
The air wick right under my nose; ocean breeze. Like the sand on my feet…oh, the sand was outside my house. Ok its getting clear. I picked up my phone, with my sleepy voice, I was talking to the woman I was in love with. She sounded sad, I felt crushed. We had this connection, looked like something blessed by God (and the Olympian gods and Sango and the rest). Tried calming her down, it was working. Made her laugh, she was calm. 

I have never understood it. Till today, I still don’t understand it, I doubt if I’ll ever understand it. I was in love. But my greatest fear was she never loved me too as much as I did. Summer was about to end, the next season was Fall, it seems they call it that for a reason. She was gonna leave, leave me here. I was scared. I was afraid it was a “summer break affair”. She was gonna go to her “prison”. I was losing something I cherish…
Then it happened. It must be a joke. Damn! Bloody Cupid was at it again…..

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Cupid’s Joke

Welcome earthlings!!! Today, we have a guest writer bringing us a series titled “Cupid’s Joke”… Read and enjoy! Peace! ………………

The heart will always seek to find what it wants, when it sees it, the brain loses its function. Well that’s the same ish that happened to me. When a boy falls in love, its doesn’t mostly end well, guess cupid shot me 4 times. I still owe him the beating of his life.

2go was the ish then, almost everybody was on it. Me, was just there to kill the boredom. Had few friends, pop into rooms to see who are arguing or sexting (stupid times).
Then I bumped into a user name, it had a mixture of a celebs name and her name (always sounded dumb to me). Out of curiosity, added her up… Got talking. Bleh, she was boring. Didn’t even try to “set p”. I just locked up. Two days later, from no where, we started talking about sensitive stuff. We connected, we were going like bread & ewa goyin. Ok, I was liking a babe online (The beginning of my present curse), it felt strange. Just got out of a relationship, liking someone all off a sudden was the last thing on my mind. Then again, it was 2go, the crush was gonna pass. She didn’t let that crush go, she shoved it down my throat. Hoping it would have gone right out of my ass later, it branched & went straight to my heart. I was hooked, I’ve never seen this girl before, just pictures, her words and her voice (yea, I collected her number)

Wasn’t in lagos at that moment, then she said she’ll like to meet me. The beginning of butterfly in my tummy, till today, they never left till today. I rushed to lagos, I was flexing where I was, but I didn’t care. My crush wanted to see me. The day was set, I saw her, the butterflies in my tummy where flying around. I bet one came out and slapped me say” Dude, say something!!”

She was gorgeous, there in my mind, I was like, nah. She’ll never fall for me, I don’t even know how to toast, where will I start from? I was gibberish all through. Then I noticed she was shy too. Like seriously, she’s shy? Seems she thinking I’m attractive? Before I finished thinking abt it, she said I was actually attractive. Boom! Like that, my head exploded.

Spoke for like an hour at the eatery, then she had to leave. On my way home, still had strong doubts. I’ve never been so crazy abt a girl. With my whole time in the university, with the population of the finest & hottest girls. Something was weird. My phone was off, got home and charged it. Then the message that burst my head again. “I’ll like us to see often, I liked your company”

Back on 2go talking, we’ll talk all day, all night… Goosh, I burn credit sha. Then I sent a pic that will change my life forever. It said “Do you wanna go out with me, Yes or maybe” she laughed.. Then her reply was “Yes”. Truth is I was actually joking, didn’t sink into my head until I woke up the next morning. I woke up like someone that has a girlfriend (I saw her morning text message tho). I was going to her house the next. I wore a purple shirt (her fav color). Got to her house, still looking gorgeous as ever. We sat and was watching Trace. We were both shy. She was cold. Told her to come closer. Next thing…… Kiss. It was like 4th of july in my body. Fireworks everywhere. God, who is this woman? How is this possible? I asked so many questions, I still do. Unknown to me, it was the Beginning of my End….

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Gold in a Dump Hill

Lying on my bed, bored outta my mind, the hours seemed to roll by as slowly as they could… nothing to do, jilt, nada,nothing.. I tried tweeting but that didn’t help, nothing more depressing than a boring TL on a slow boring day, trust me. At that moment, I was an apt synonym for loneliness. All my guys weren’t around, had to survive the weekend alone. Had enough money, no one to spend it with, no babe sef..*sighs*

Then the idea of sex flashed through my mind, why not straff away my boredom, I reason. The problem was, I wasn’t “setting p” with any of the neighbors, truth is, I aint no ‘The Neighbor Man’, that matter too dey cast abeg.. I was still contemplating what to do when the power went out. It was already 7pm, and now I was bored,lonely and with a growing erection. What was I going to do?

There was a “beer joint” outside the building, but beer is not my poison. Still pondering, I refreshed my TL and saw a joke about prostitutes on my timeline. I laughed about it, then it hit me…… “I could actually sleep with a prostitute this night”

After much consideration, I showered and left the house. After 20mins, I arrived at a popular brothel I’d always heard about…the devil called boredom. I ordered a bottle of extra smooth, sipped it as I was looking at the girls, trying to make a choice. Saw many girls there; ugly, short, tall, outright scary…. None to my liking.
Suddenly feeling self-aware, I looked around and noticed the kinda men there, which made me ask myself “What are you doing here?”. I rushed the stout, got up & headed for the door. That’s when I saw her, everywhere became silent, maybe it was all in my head, but still, the world seemed to slow down.

She was not too beautiful, but she was sexy, like she oozed of sex appeal , the way she walked…. *The Wanted’s “Walks like Rihanna”, playing in the background.*

She sat down, I was still staring at her, her fleshy, creamy thighs, her flat wash board belle,visible from the crop top & bum shorts she had on. She didn’t leave much to the imagination in fairness, yet I was imagining how firm her boobs would be when the top comes off, the taste of her lips, the sound of her moans… Why would a gorgeous girl like this want to be a prostitute. Well, I don’t care.

“You want some of this or you just want to dey look, eh fine boy”

Did she just talk to me? I looked left & right and pointed to myself.

“Yes you, fine boy, I’m available”


She opened a small bottle of Alomo as I placed my butt nervously on the chair next to her’s.

“You’re beautiful” I told her as I kept looking at her

She blushed & laughed in a sexy way. In my mind I was like “Ashawo dey blush?” ,Tor! I’ve officially seen everything.

“Thank you o… But time no dey, am I following you home or you wan knack for my room here”

“Errr your room please” I answered eagerly like a kid, no longer bothering to disguise the bulge in my pants.

“Ok, that’s 2k, shey e do?”

“Yes.. Yes.. Its ok”

“I hope e big, no disappoint me”

I was just laughing sheepishly like a mumu….

She took my hand and led me into a hall way, soon we were in her small room. The room was cosy and warm, and smelled of stale sex and cheap pine-flavoured air freshener. I saw a surprising number of books on the table and on a shelve adjacent to the bed. She took off her shorts & tops.

“You get condom?”

“Errrm… No”

“That na 5 hayshh extra o”

“No problem”

Suddenly, the urge to have sex left me, I wasn’t even concerned about myself, I was concerned about her. Damn! Why do I have to start “Draking” now.

“You want blow job? Cos you fine, I’ll do it free for you” she says obviously noticing my limb member.

“Wait, please wait first”

“Wetin na? Time no dey o. I suppose go ‘ASO time’ later”

“I don’t want to have sex again”

I felt my evil conscience slap me. The look on her face was priceless. Like she had never heard a guy say that.

“Eh.. Wetin you talk so?”

“Please wear your clothes and sit”

She was confused, did as I asked and she sat close to me.

“Why are you a prostitute? ”

It took her quite a while to answer, but when she did the tears couldn’t stop rushing out, I had to hold her and console her. Who would believe me if I said I was consoling an ashawo?

To my amazement, she told me her story in flawless english and a very adorable almost european accent. She was an orphan, raped by her uncle when she was 14, sold to a woman who took her to spain when she 16, became a prostitute there before she was deported when she was 19. Came back empty handed, tried working in a hotel, only for her boss to tell her to sleep with the customers. Later found her way to this present brothel formed by her fellow deportees. Worked her way into school when she was 21, presently a part-time student studying chemistry.

I was just staring at her as she narrated her story, I almost dropped a tear. It was just a sad life for a female. Seeing her trying to make a meaning for her life made me proud of her, even though she was a prostitute. I cleaned her tears and gave her 8k. She thanked me a lot and gave me the tightest hug when I told her I couldn’t sleep with her because I felt she didn’t deserve to be here,in a brothel as a sex-worker.

I stood up and went for the door

“What’s your name?” She asks, I did a suffix for angel.

“They call me Jon”

“Nice, Angel jon, my name is Ose”

“Nice name for a pretty girl”

“Can I see you again, so we can just… You know, talk?”


I gave her my number, as I opened the door, she dragged me back and kissed me. We kissed for like one minute.
Nobody will definitely believe what just happened to me. What happened between me and Ose….

This is Dante (@_Helios__) reporting for V.O.M

Oshey @zzyzx91 \m/